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2018 Onslaught of Product Beginning to Arrive


We’re well into the New Year and with that prepare for 2018’s onslaught of product which will be release at CES, Apple’s spring and fall launches and a barrage of tech shows scheduled through the year. Each year brings with it remarkable upgrades to technology promising the unleashing of creative juices. This year however, there will be some very substantive increases in power which will do nothing less than delight.

On the Smartphone Front

This years Smartphones will be outfitted with the Snapdragon 835, 845, 855 and 860, all in their own right powerhouses. These chips will allow smartphones to surpass limits that held them back in the past. Expect very fast sensors to unlock the phone in convenient ways and the ability to grab, store and display data in highly meaningful ways.

Apple themselves have in store their new generation of smartphones that will range from cost effective to very high end with Amoled panels for exacting presentation. In essence, the power of these new chipsets will break down walls that have not allowed Smartphones to be exactly what the manufacturer and consumer wanted.

On the Computer Front

Apple has been very successful with the launch of the iMac Pro based on Xeon Risc chips. These machines are significantly more powerful than their Intel predecessors again breaking down walls to both performance and usability.

Apple though has in store a Mac Pro that could be easily seen as a workclass machine. These machines might penetrate film houses such as pixar for the creation of advanced video. They certainly would not be inexpensive but their expected to be modular, scaleable and extremely powerful allowing studio houses the ability to bring on stream different capabilities of media more cost effectively.

It is not expected that Intel will sit idly by while the Xeon takes over the world. Intel chips are expected to grow substantially in power as new thermodynamics keep the chips cooler and thus more capable. Intel presents a more cost effective approach at the delivery of equipment and it is viewed more as consumer grade silicon than the Xeon.

It is highly likely that we will see portables that range in RAM upwards of 64 gigs allowing for content creation that today is not possible on these machines. Fast RAM coexisting with powerful, fast yet cost effective chips should open up new avenues of content creation today that simply are not possible on machines of yester year.

Software Capability will Explode with the Turnup of Horsepower at the Desktop

Software’s capability, to a large degree, is limited by the power of the chips at the desktop level. If software can’t perform at a certain level due to the capabilities of chips, it has to be throttled back. This advancement of chips on all variety of product means that the software need not be throttled or throttled to the same degree. Thus, capabilities of the software will open in conjunction with 2018’s power improvements.

New applications will be able to be designed. Our hardware and software already do a lot for us. What would be nice is if these products truly freed up time and we weren’t wasting our time on social apps. The promise of the technology to assist us and free our time up for other endeavours might be realized.

This though is where machine and man must coalesce so that we do not waste our new found time. The addictive qualities of the products might be fully unleashed leaving us as slaves to our technologies. Rather, we would want the technologies to free us from the burden of meaningless or redundant work.

Finally the Cloud

Disk space at the desktop level has certain limitations. The cloud though is advancing the sheer volume of data we can access regardless of location. In 2017 we saw the sheer size of cloud storage increase massively but it did so in a novel way that didn’t impact local storage. Cloud storage is seen by our devices as on certain services as separate volumes of available storage without impacting local space. Services such as pCloud are based on this alone along with traditional services. This means your iPhone could have a massive amount of storage via the cloud.

The cloud is morphing from everything being resident on the device and the cloud to your data just being resident in the cloud but accessible through high speed networks. The significance of this is major.

The digitalization of our lives continues unabated but we are entering a new level of that which is possible. Managing all this will be the difference between success and failure.

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