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Apple’s Quarter was better than Expected


Apple just released on May 1 2018 its quarterly results and they were extremely healthy. Quarterly revenue grew a healthy 16% year over year. International sales accounted for 65 percent of the quarters revenue. In addition, customers chose the iPhone X more than any other week in the March quarter.

As a result the board approved a new $100 billion share repurchase authorization plus a 16% increase to the quarterly dividend.

Impressive Results

For all the rumours about the iPhone X’s death, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. That it will morph is a natural evolution of technology period. So we should expect that but it has proven itself a winner.

For the average stock holder, these results create a renewed sense of confidence in the company. Its future looks bright. Tim Cook also is finally getting it. Other than the Macbook line of computers, Apple would seem right on target.

Investors can be no less than iPhone Happy with these Results

For the judicious investor Apple looks like a safe bet to put your money into. For the more adventurous, the returns are impressive. To have your money locked up in q GIC’s makes little sense. We’re living longer on average and we need a safe and prudent place to put our money with some guaranteed growth. Apple is an ideal stock. If you invested in Apple since 2001 your net rate of return would be no less than astounding.

With the increased longevity expectations in life, it is necessary to take some risk just to stay afloat as the years pass. Apple and tech in general presents that rate of return that will make life a little less precarious.

It’s important to remember that Nothing is Guaranteed

Where it comes to the stock market, nothing is guaranteed. However, historical analysis of Apple suggests you’re in on of the safer camps. Rest assured, Apple will not be sitting on it’s laurels. It never has. the company has the capital to do the best research in the industry and predict the evolution of product.

Always one step ahead of the game the have demonstrated time and time again their ability to get it right. The one thing that motivates them is the customer and making it all work as seamlessly and easily as possible.

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