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The Daily Mac View becomes Tech Today Review

by Kerry Dawson

The name of the Daily Mac View has been changed to Tech Today Review to reflect our new focus on not just Apple products but tech in general. Coverage of the larger tech environment was handled by two sites:

  • the Daily Mac View
  • Tech Today Review

We realized it made more sense to amalgamate everything in one site using categories and drop-downs more effectively. In addition, we have chosen a new, clean template to present the information. The site is both appealing in its look but easy to navigate.

Depth of Material

The site has material that goes back five years and yet some of the older articles remain relevant today. Although much of the site is currently made up of Apple material, this will change with time. Although the Apple ecosystem is strong, the walls between platforms has been eroding for a number of years and for good reason. People, regardless of their devices, need to talk in today’s world more than ever to maintain efficient and competitive focus. Thus, Apple’s closed ecosystem will give way to cross platform solutions. This process will grow over time however and not happen instantly.

The New Site is a Joining of Sites

As part of our goal to provide relevant and thought provoking information, it seemed a natural evolution for the sites to join together and at the same time expand. In essence, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

We hope you enjoy the new site and format. If there is anything you would like addressed feel free to submit the idea/s. If you would like to write an article for inclusion on the site, we have always been open to that. Additionally, I encourage you to join the site to stay current with site news and more.

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