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The iPhone X is far from Dead

by Kerry Dawson

There was a lot of talk, not so long ago, that the iPhone X was dead. If it is, someone forgot to tell it.

In Apple’s recent quarterly report, one of its healthiest, the iPhone X was noted to be Apple’s best selling phone. Additionally, reviews of the phone have been extremely positive. Even the notch, once inclined to question the viability of the phone, is being emulated by Android phones.

The Notch

This is not to say the notch is not necessarily annoying especially if you’re watching a video. However, it is likely just a transitional piece in the evolution of our technology. That is, I do not believe it will be a permanent fixture. Once there is a solution to delivering a full screen experience yet allow for the ability to deliver functionality from the screen side, the notch will be history.

In the meantime, it is far from being that problematic. One thing about the notch till now is if you want people to know you’re using an Apple product, it sure makes that statement. There are people of course that would want that known.


In many ways you could say the phone looks like all the Smartphones at the moment but it isn’t. It’s one of the nicest designed phones on the market. It’s very high quality with a 5.8” screen yet the phone is no bigger than the iPhone 8. It’s easy to hold and use. The lack of a button is neither here nor there. Getting on to the gesture based aspect of the phone is very easy as it’s quite intuitive.

The bionic or screen unlocking of the phone might be slower and less accurate but when it works it works well. It’s very simple in its operation as it is just an automatic operation. It simply reads your face. There are no buttons to touch. To some, this is a real downside as the button can be pressed from any angle whereas the face has to be read straight on. Likely, an analogy of a button will appear under the screen for either operation but till then some remain very impressed with the facial read aspect.

Derivatives of the iPhone X Expected

It would seem that Apple’s future phones will be based on the design of the iPhone X. The iPhone 6 though 8 is considered Apple’s most stellar design. However, the move to bezel-less is well underway and the iPhone X represents the first in a series of phones that will take on that look.

Finally, as is usual, the iPhone X’s camera remains stellar. It is the camera by which all other phones seem to be measured. With a solid software set to back up the phone, there is simply no death to the iPhone X. Will it morph into other products. Most likely. However, no one can say the phone died on the vine.

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