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The Problem with the Original GTD Task Managers


There are a number of the original GTD task managers that have a problem that will continue to grow problematically with time. The problem I would say in nutshell is that these useful, mature and powerful programs are Mac only. None of the programs I will discuss runs cross platform or that is none of them have an Android client.

The Programs

There are four mature programs that do not provide access to Android. In a moment, I will explain how this is so problematic but first let’s list the programs not in any special order. They are:

  • Omnifocus
  • Things
  • The Hit List
  • Firetask

Actually, it is the first three of these programs that are so well known. For users though, the new programs are basically all cross platform such as:

  • 2do
  • TickTick
  • Todoist
  • Chaos Control
  • Todo Cloud
  • Get it Done

The Advantages of Cross Platform

Cross platform brings with it significant advantages. Some of the most important of those are the competitive environment that it assists. People have worked in teams in the past but team work keeps rising in importance. For a team to operate they have to be able to share the data and outcomes.

By using software that runs cross platform it means people can use the platform they choose to use. Further, this can also save money. There is a problem when an organization has to pay for everyone to be outfitted with the same equipment. If they can use different equipment but be working on the same problem, they don’t have to be thinking about how to fund the new equipment.

Further, costs associated with training are reduced. Individuals that have a platform likely know their platform. Effort can be expended on the scope of the work rather than on training to do the work.

Finally, morale often is improved when people use what they want to use. Some want an Android whereas others want an IOS device. All of this can be interconnected to say a Mac system or networking system such as Office 365 to provide the infrastructure support.

Corporate I.T.

Corporate I.T. Is having greater difficulties supporting these narrow, silo’d systems. However, the legacy based systems though important unless they get on board with the trend to open systems may have to be abandoned.

Corporate I.T. has always played the difficult role of satisfying the user base while providing a logical, infrastructure based system to a business. Costs have often spiralled out of control. Historically, corporate I.T. Departments have had to make difficult decisions around what will and won’t be supported and this is another area that is proving critical. The ability of teams of people to work together has never not been there but the pressure to provide this has never been greater.

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