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Things 3.6 made to be Efficient and Fun on the iPad

by Kerry Dawson

Culture Code is releasing on May 28, 2018 an update to Things 3 primarily directed at the iPad. The update puts power in the keyboard making it feel like a desktop app. The functionality added is no less than spectacular. Working with your iPad and Things 3.6, you simply no longer feel the desire to return to the desktop. Things 3.6 for the iPad is as capable as the desktop and is fun to boot.

Surprising Functionality

At times, as you’re using the app it’s hard to believe that you are not working on a desktop unit. Powerful, keyboard driven commands have been added which truly cuts down time wasted reaching for the screen and the exhaustion that can come with it.

There are now popovers in Things 3.6 that are fully accessible from the keyboard. There is a function called Type Travel which allows you to navigate Things with the keyboard. Just start typing and you end up where you want to go almost if by magic.

Functions such as these allow you to get around so easily without removing a finger from the keyboard. Finally Culture Code has built in three requests which will probably be met with delight:

  • You can now drag and drop to dos into the Things sidebar to move them to other lists
  • Tags and deadlines can now be applied to multiple to-dos at once
  • The iPad app now supports undo and redo.

These changes will make your iPad feel completely different. You won’t have that longing to get back to your computer to get work done as you’ll be able to do it all on your iPad.

Play the video to get an idea of the iPad update


Hopefully, you have been pleasantly surprised.

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