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WWDC Somewhat of a Disappointment


I was hoping for more but maybe that’s the problem. Apple needs to concentrate on the most important and deal with that first. Instead of trying to do everything at once and messing it up, its probably better to deal with things in meaningful, bite size chunks.

It’s All about Software

Right up front the show was introduced as one that was all about software. Apple needs to get a handle on both software and hardware. IOS needs to be stabilized and MacOS needs integration. That the area of concentration on software makes perfect sense.

IOS 12 promises to be both more stable but faster also. It will work on quite a number of devices back and that’s a good thing. Probably more users will get something from IOS 12.

Apple frequently likes to bring up how many users are on their latest iteration of the OS relative to Android. The number is quite a bit higher however, these OS’s are slightly different beasts. Their release dates are different from one Android to another; they only guarantee so many going forward upgrades with Android and often units are running more than fine and fast on the OS its on. An upgrade, for an Android user, may or may not be available and an upgrade may be beneficial but the user is often more than satisfied with what they’re running.

Upgrading can have its downside too. This happened with High Sierra due to the change to AFPS. Some users found themselves downgrading to get compatibility back with the OS, not something that is always fun.


The next version of the MacOS (14) will be called Mojave. In this article “macOS 10.14 Mojave 2018 release date, features & system requirements” all the details of the OS are discussed. There are a number of very cool things to be introduced with Mojave, including the rudimentary underpinnings of further integration with IOS. However, solid integration will have to wait.

Most people want these OS’s kept separate yet integrated. This is the way to go. The computer remains a computer while IOS plays a different role. There are some things you would only want to attempt on a computer. The talk at one time of integrating the two to the point there would be only one was just folly. It’s good that Apple sees it that way now and it brings comfort to those that know these differences. Regardless, both OS’s do what they do well and it’s just going to keep improving.

Next Step; the Hardware

As Apple moves its OSs to a different but better level, the hardware will of course go along happily for the ride. In essence today, its all about software. Software is the mechanism or tool that empowers the user. The right software running effectively can empower the user. The wrong tool or a tool that just doesn’t perform the way it should can be both a time waster if not a killer. For software to run as efficiently as possible, the OS must bring substantive capabilities else everyone would be inadvertently creating their own OS on top of the application.

Hardware is at a very advanced level. Theoretically, advances in hardware are always welcome but we’re now at such an advanced level for something to really make a difference stuff has to come from the software. The CPU only needs to be so powerful and there is such a thing as the right amount of memory. Smartphones are being produced now that have x amount of memory beyond what we had on a computer only a few years ago.

As an example, Macb00ks were being released in 2001 with 40 gigs of memory more than enough for most computing needs. Today, it’s not unusual to see someone ordering a Smartphone with 256 gigs of memory. The thing consuming this kind of memory is video style applications and the plethora of apps we might be running at the same time.

Although there are aspects of WWDC that were disappointing, overall it was good to see that there will be a renewed emphasis on stabilizing the OS’s which only bodes well for the good operation of a system.

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  1. Memory =/= Storage space
    Memory is NOT the same thing as storage capacity° It is pathetically ignorant and irresponsible to interchange those terms, especially for a “tech” site°

    You just lost all credibility with me…

    • You’re simply wrong. I’ve been in I.T. For a long time. First just to provide some reference here: (see yellow highlighting)

      I agree that probaby the way I wrote it might be confusing to some however, it is not inaccurate. In terms of lost credibility with you, are you a regular reader of the site?

      What bothers me about your comment is there is not one statement on the issue of substance. You strike me as you’re probably very young. I and others go to a lot of hard work to pull this stuff together for you and there really isn’t any major money to be made. It is a lot of hard work and this is the kind of thanks I get for the effort. If the phrasing is confusing talk about that. This is very 80s/90s to use this kind of terminology but it is still used in Engineering as like a lot it is understood by context (how it is used). I will approve your reply as I think people need know that we work hard; very hard to share this stuff not that you have to agree with the position. It would be nice to hear comment on the substance or the meaning – the way it has been said is confusing – not that you are attempting to show what bright light you are.

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