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The LG G7 and the HTC U12 Just Released

by Kerry Dawson

Apple’s iPhone X is the phone all other phones are measured by. It’s an excellent, good looking cell phone which will run your critical desktop apps in mobile mode. Although Windows continues to exist, it is the Mac OS in which the most interesting and powerful applications are being produced. It’s likely if it’s a good app will run in the Mac environment and possibly Windows.

However, Android is the other dynamic environment where it comes to mobiles phones. Android has come a long way in the last short while. They have the power to compete and even exceed the capabilities of the iPhone. Many of the Android flagships are of such a high quality, it is worthless worrying about the hardware. It is the software that should be your guiding light in your workflow. If Android had no software of merit; that is, it couldn’t play in the Apple environment it would not matter how good the hardware is as you might as well just buy an iPhone knowing that it will work in the ecosystem.

This is by no means the case though. Cross platform is here; it is a reality and you do have choice where it comes to your cellphone. As an example, two of the best journaling applications run in both environments while the same can also be said for task management software. If a particular product doesn’t run in both environments, you are likely to be able to find excellent software that does freeing you freeing you to choose the device of your choice.

Two Recent Android Entrants that are Excellent

Two phones have recently been introduced that are excellent in nature. HTC has released the U12 and LG has released the LG G7 unit a device some have said is the device to beat in 2018. They are both different but in some ways they command a certain similarity. Regardless, the market remains a step closer to that competitive scenario that is useful for all.

Along with the devices and their capabilities comes the software. These devices tend to be more cost competitive than the iPhone X. If there wasn’t the software option, regardless of price, they’d be useless no matter how good the devices. In an article written to address this very subject called “No Need to Get Locked into the Apple Ecosystem” the article discusses how software compatibility and cross platform approaches keeps the industry competitive. There continues to be room for choice.

Although the iPhone X is a good phone, it’s not for everyone. The iPhone itself has dramatically rearranged the industry. It really wasn’t that many years ago the Blackberry created the same situation. When the iPhone came a long, it was considered a powerhouse while being extremely friendly and easy to use. It wasn’t long before the iPhone began to dominate the world of Smartphones.

However, Android was right around the corner. It brought to the table an open systems approach and technologies were appearing to support it as a viable solution. The early Android phones were not seen as much of a threat to the iPhone which dominated due to its power and the importance of certain technologies deemed relevant to run in both environments.

HTC U12 and LG G7

These two phones are of a new breed of Android that could really affect the status quo. They are similar yet different. They both use the latest technologies, are powerful and fast, intuitive but very flexible. To change your phone to look like something completely different is possible with skins.

For some, Androids are ideal. For others, it’s the iPhone. Some people prefer customizeability as long as the phone operates within the core environment. For others, they like the standardized iPhone wherein all iPhones basically look the same. Further, you don’t have to worry about software compatibility.

The long and short of this is you have options not only between the iPhone and Android but between Androids. Competition keeps the industry growing and the customer more likely satisfied. It also tends to control costs.

However, the competition has the technology moving almost too fast. We no sooner catch our breath and there’s another major movement in functionality. Yet better the latter than the former. It is amazing where we’re at in such a short time frame and where the plan is to go.

These are only Two Devices in a Slew of High Quality Options that are being made Available

There are a number of phones coming on stream that are high quality in nature and fit in the Open Systems environment. As an example, the LG G7 has features that appeal to some whereas the HTC 12 appeals to others.

For those who want extra means of accessing features, the HTC 12 allows for squeezing to access say the camera fast. The LG G7 concentrates more of it’s efforts on the camera – wide angle vs. close. The iPhone X, on the other hand, gives you a very standard experience across devices.

To have choice though allows not only your personal aspects of use to be addressed, it helps through competition to constrain costs. These devices are using very sophisticated technology now and costs have to be watched. This is one way of ensuring that.

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