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Use Case Scenario for iPod Touch

by Kerry Dawson

If say you have an iPod Touch and get an iPhone either on your own or as a gift or what have you, there might be a good reason just to hang onto you iPod especially if you like listening to music (this scenario is not for everyone but is something to consider). All of these devices are static in terms of their memory and can’t be altered. Let’s say you’ve got a 64 gb iPhone X and you listen to a ton of music. It won’t take long to burn up the internal memory of your X unless you either use your iPod adding to your total amount of memory or you use cloud services or both to increase your mobile space.

The Specifics

Let’s say you get the 64k iPhone X but you listen to a ton of music. You have a 32 gig iPod or better still a 128 gig iPod. You’re thinking now you have the iPhone X so why not sell the iPod. DON’T as that 128 k of space will allow you to listen to thousands of songs. Yes, you will have two devices but still it will allow you to play thousands of songs. Additionally, your iPod comes equipped with a jack and for an audiophile that still makes a difference.

Your setup may not be as nice as having a 256 gig iPhone but that could be a far reach from your budget. On the other hand, you have your iPod either 32 or 128 gig which will allow you very comprehensive listening. It will also allow you to grab your iPhone and do what you need to do with that without wires getting in your way.

Finally, you’ve invested a ton of money in the latest and greatest set of wired headphones which will work with the iPod but not the iPhone X unless you use an adapter. Sound messy. It is. Until you settle on a reasonable going forward strategy that mixes in the iPod system, which can be designed to handle all your music.

A Device which can play a Timely Role

The above scenario has both its up and downsides. For the best of all worlds, you might have to scrap or return you iPhone and get a model with more memory, a costly proposition, or have two devices. It was not that long ago we constantly worked with two devices; one for one thing which it did well and the other for the other thing which it did well.

If you already have an iPod, you might want to employ it in the above manner. It might even make sense to make this your going forward strategy economically.

This is an ever changing landscape, one in which we may see the day wherein our network services connections plays a fundamental role in delivering content on demand (some would say we have that now but only if you’re prepared to pay for itI) Currently, that would likely be cost prohibitive. However, as technologies change, so too might the ability to play a multitude of songs from cloud based systems.

Until then and it is most likely going to happen, we need to make fundamental decisions based on our current realities. A two device system can make both economic sense and important music listening experiences enjoyable.


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