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Please Sign Up to TechTodayReview.com for Value Ad Functionality

by Kerry Dawson

Signing up for something is not necessarily bad in and of itself. If by signing up to a site you find yourself inundated with news, reviews etc you’re likely to feel overwhelmed quickly and not even look at the offer. By signing up to our site it gives you a means of receiving:

  • news related to the site
  • General news
  • Plans for operation
  • And offers of tech related stuff that might prove useful or not but at least provides the offer


One of our goals is to not only provide you with information on the goings of technology but the way in which we bring that to you. The community or the people that regularly visit the site will eventually be able to interact with each other through forums. This is not currently implemented and something that we’d appreciate you doing is providing us with feedback on whether you think you might like this.

Forums can produce a spirit of camaraderie and users can express what’s troubling them. If it wasn’t for this kind of dialogue pinning down what is happening can be difficult. This is why you take your machine in to have it looked at. But today’s machines are so complex that an exchange of information can be useful in determing whether this is necessary or that it is something else which can be dealt with locally.

Sign Up to Stay Current

Signing up not only keeps you current it keeps us in tune with your needs. A large part of our goal is to bring you content that is relevant for you and your needs. Forum dialogue is often an ideal place to express those requirements.

As such, the more users that sign up special content delivery the better. We don’t want to overload you with information. The online site is where you’ll get the best source of information. However, a forum engages different thought processes.

As an example, there might be a promotion from Stacksocial, a very reputable company, who delivers new product daily which can be specifically or generally useful. Many will miss the daily updates however, if we see one that tends to be more inclusive that is what we would forward to you. It is fully up to you if you want to buy something but this is one way we help to fund the site which is costly to operate.

I look forward to when we have enough people signed up to turn up our forum and to use a mailing list more specifically at passing along useful information. I’m sure you will enjoy meeting your fellow readers and there is much to be taken from this.

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