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Assessing the New iPhone Lineup

by Kerry Dawson

There are now three distinct iPhones that make up the new lineup of iPhones. Starting with the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017, we now have available the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. In Canada, all of these phones have now broken the $1000 mark barrier as such:

  • XR – $1029
  • Xs – $1379
  • Xs Max – $1519

These phones certainly are not inexpensive but they portend a new design class from Apple.

The Makeup of the iPhones

In the above lineup, the XR is a high quality IPS screen with a PPI rating of 326. The other two phones are both Amoled with a 458 PPI density rating. Strictly from the ratings you would think the Amoled would appear much better but you really can’t see a difference and this is simply the quality Apple puts into its IPS panels.
If you want to save a bit of money (approx $250) the Xr would be the way to go. In addition to the high quality panel, the innards of the device is the same as the other two. The only major difference here is the camera but again, it’s amazing what Apple has been able to pull off with picture quality.
Still, if you want the absolute best where it comes to panel display and photos you’re best to go with either the Xs or the Xs Max. Apple’s specs aren’t the best in the industry but the way they engineer their panels they are able to pull off the best. All phones tend to compare themselves to the iPhones and not just for display quality. From a processor point of view, the A series of chips are quite amazing and in most cases blow away the competition.

All Smartphones today though are Powerhouses

The reason the specs might not matter so much is that all Smartphones on the market today are powerhouses. The current Android’s, especially at the upper end are outfitted with at a minimum Snapdragon 835 or an 845. Both of these chips are incredibly powerful and the naked eye simply has trouble discerning any performance differences. By and large, we have Smartphones that are heavily mixed to provide both serious functionality and performance.Today, many of the things you do on your Smartphone would, that not long ago, have required a computer. Apps have literally changed the game. We can now operate our smart home on apps; control our entertainment; order in food and do shopping of almost any nature and on it goes. The new iPhones are part of this trend towards mobile computing as your office or second brain on the road.## Which iPhoneConsidering the nature of iPhones now, choice is more just personal preference than I will be able to do such and such if I have say a Max. Rather, it is do you want to save a bit of money but maintain the performance (Xr) or would you like to spend a bit more to have the very best in screen technology even if its difficult to recognize the difference. It might turn into something like I love the Max but it is just a bit too big for my hands and I talk a lot on the phone or I feel more liberated with the size of the Xs than either the Xr or the Max.You really can’t make a bad decision with these phones where it comes to performance and what you want to do. They are all substantive performers. The Apple rep is a little perplexed when they are assisting you with a buying decision as it is now so personal. For many they want the size of the Xs Max but it is just too uncomfortable to carry and say throw it in your pants or hold it for long lengths of time. If you tend to have smaller hands, it might end up being quite the exercise routine instead of it’s not able to do what that is able to do.## The new Line of iPhones is just One Group of Powerful Devices that have Gotten Quite PricyWhen thinking of a Smartphone these days the iPhones are not the only game in town. Some when presented with this pricing are very hindered. Not everyone has a thousand dollars plus to put out on a Smartphone. If pricing is not a concern, you can’t go wrong with the new iPhones. Again though your personal decision making may make them not right for you. There are other iPhones that are still sold by Apple and then there is a slew of Android phones that open this up substantially.## When thinking of Price, One of the Previous Generation iPhones might be more SuitableApple still has in its lineup of phones to buy the iPhone 8 and 7. These phones are both based on a winning design for Apple, are great performers and lookers. If you’re an iPhone person but just does not want to or cannot put out one thousand dollars plus on a phone, you can’t go wrong with either of the past two models.They are run IOS 12 and there’s some things they just do better. For some, like the taxi driver, the bionic face unlock is not practical. The button is the only feasible option. S/he would have to choose one of these phones starting at the following prices:- IPhone 7 at $629- iPhone 8 at $819The iPhone 7 in Canadian dollars is, one could say, reasonable and it is a good looking phone that is an iPhone which is extremely important to some.Apple has a well priced range of phones and sizes that can suit more tastes and prices than before. Regardless, smartphone technology is increasing in price and for some practicality might have to enter the picture when one is choosing a good phone with the OS they like but for a lot less than the new breed.## Android is more of an Option than it ever Has BeenDue to cross platform functionality, Android is more of an option even in a pure Apple household than it ever has been. A lot of critical software runs identically on both platforms. Thus Android could make its way into the mix of choices providing substantive functionality for a lesser price. Apple has always been know to be costly and so having this option does provide the consumer with a viable choice. As an example, when looking at some categories of software they work fully cross platform identically. An example of this would be:- Task Management – Todoist, 2do, Ticktick and many more- Journaling – Day One, Journey and others- Calendaring and Contacts – variety of approaches for sync such as Fruux, Outlook, Google calendars and on it goes- Mail – IMAP or a cross platform client like Outlook or Newton- and the list goes on so that every major area of needed functionality can be covered off

Android Pricing

Some like Android just for Android’s flexibility to put on different launchers/skins/wallpapers etc and to configure it to suit your tastes. From a price perspective, it covers a wide variety of ranges. In display technology, it can be much higher in its density of Pixels to handsome phones priced moderately but yet having a full range of capability. Currently, in Canada, you can find an $1100 LG V30 for $549 new.
Teleco’s seem to provide their best pricing options with Android phones. It is easy to get a phone for no dollars at the front end, a standard package to pay for the service and the phone all which one could easily say is a powerful as the new iPhones.
Yet, it is still Android and there are some users that just will not give up on their IOS. I also tend to prefer to recommend iPhones for the less technically inclined as Android, although fun for some can be frustrating for others.
However, you could have a powerful Android capable of doing anything the iPhone can do for a lot less money. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to have a good phone or yesterdays technology. What Android brings to the table is an affordable, highly flexible and powerful phone in a nice price range.
There is a lot of competition in the Android space and that a long with Google provides the OS free of charge keeps prices lower. Margins on the phones are decidedly smaller and so the cost to the consumer is more reasonable. Some Android phones are considered far more functional than the iPhone like the Note 9 which allows you to hand write and draw on the device. The Note 9 from Samsung is not as much as an iPhone but it is still pricy. On the other hand, you have to look at what you’re getting for your money.

As Cross Platform becomes the Norm it will Level the Playing Field

The potential of cross platform is great. It allows for a mixed use environment in which a team can consist of Android and iPhone users. It keeps costs in line yet the competition keeps pushing the technology. For some, the technology is being pushed too fast yet this is the advantage competition brings. Finally, it allows for a greater range of personal choice when deciding on your platform of choice.

Apple’s New Line is Once again moving the Industry

With Apple’s new line of phones, it is legitimizing this new breed of Smartphones which are more powerful, stylish and increases the ratio of screen to body dramatically. The phone in both an ostensible and subtle way is making us more productive and opening an even further range of apps that will assist in our quality of living.
Health monitors may catch something that will keep us healthier longer and new apps will possibly ensure the production of work or even play more effectively. Likely the new devices will deliver new apps capable of stuff we have wanted to do but have not had the appropriate tools to do them. Thus, it is very easy to say mobility has evolved nicely and it is where it’s at. The days of being seated at a stationary computer are long behind us. The cloud, devices and sync makes our information very fluid and able to be exactly where we are.
Things have already been moving fast. We just have to ensure we are not swamped with a level of information flow and change that works against us as opposed to with us.

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