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Samsung s10 Series phones are good but with a Big BUT…..

by Kerry Dawson

The new Samsung S series of phones are exceptional. They are a leap technologically and more importantly ergonomically however they do not have the price benefit associated with Android. I will start by saying without the price benefit you are better served with an iPhone due to the software and integration between devices but let’s consider this more carefully.

Outclassing the Class

The Apple iPhone has always been the phone every other phone is measured by. From Apple’s incredibly smooth and powerful OS to the performance and quality/design of their phones they were always seen as first class. In ways we can still think of the iPhone that way but depending on how you look at it. That is, the quality of the product and design has always been top notch. Add to that their ecosystem, IOS and ease of use functionality and the mere fact that they have and get the best apps first you have a winner.

Samsung has though come out with a hands-down winner. It is currently considered the best Smartphone on the market. From its all screen face with its punch-hole instead of a notch the screen is a marvel. Additionally, Samsung’s AMOLED display is considered the best on-the market.

Looking at the s10 More Closely

The Samsung s10 is likely the most advanced Android on the market and some would say from a hardware perspective it exceeds that of the iPhone. It sports the newest Qualcomm 855 chipset which is at least 30% faster than the precious 845 series chipset. The chip is so fast it now scores basically the equivalent of Apple’s fastest chip.

Speed to the end user is a relative thing. When it comes to loading the same apps you can’t really see a difference as these units are all getting so fast. If anything, at least perceptually the s10 seems faster.

Android Pie with Samsungs OneUI skin overlay

The Android skin on top of Android Pie is amazing. It is more like IOS than Android with fast animations and quick flow around the interface. So car, Samson’s skin is a hit.

Three Models to Choose From

Samsung is offering three different models to choose from each with different configurations. There’s the Samsung s 10e. This is a small friendly but beastly phone in the line.

Then there’s the Samsung s10 phone a slightly larger beast for those who say want the best look in video content. Finally there ls the s10 Plus the top end phone for the aficionado who wants it all; five cameras and the largest 6.4 screen.

The e comes with two cameras, a regular lens and a wide angle. The s10 comes with a wide angle, regular and close up shooter and finally it has a selfie camera as does the e. However, the plus is completely decked out with all the cameras of the 10 but with a wide angle and two selfies.

Memory wise each phone can be configured with different memory configurations. No configuration is shabby but at the top end they blow away the competition.

Now for the Caveats

Although every s10 is beautiful in its own right only the 10e is perfect. How do I mean. The e comes with a flat panel which is a huge plus. The other two phones can’t handle tempered glass screen protectors well if at all. The embedded ultrasonic reader won’t work with popular screen protectors one of the first hassles.

Secondly, the curved screen does a wonderful job at ensuring apps have a life of their own. Things happen and the recipient is the beholder of some unique outcomes.

The 10 e handles a screen protector beautifully thus your prized possession is at least reasonably and easily protected. The curved screens of the s10 and s10+’s touch unlock button won’t work with tempered glass and you’re best to use TPU film on these devices. Film neither feels that nice or lasts that long.

Finally, the curved screen distorts your view of what you’re looking at. Supposedly you get used to this but when you’re spending this kind of money on a phone should your really have to get used to something.

The s10e is the only phone I’d consider

The s10e doesn’t seem to have any of this getting used to it scenario. You can use standard tempered glass screen protectors and and most of all you don’t have accommodate your behaviour to use the phone.

The screen is just as easy on the eyes as it remains high resolution and I definitely prefer it. You don’t need to get into exhorbitant costs to use your phone.

Finally, the s10e security button is the same as the power button. This works fast and reliably. There are so many little things to like about this phone.

Big is not always Better

I would say in the case of the Samsung Galaxy s10 phones big is not always better. The big phones are nice if you are comfortable with the extra heft and enjoy seeing videos on a bigger screen.

However, when you consider the downsides of the larger phones are a function of their screen design, personally I find them too annoying. I absolutely love the performance of the s10 e minus these other issues. The UI is excellent and the phone is fast; very fast.

Just as a point of comparison the LG V40 is a marvellous phone which is also quite large. It is not a weighty phone; just a large phone sans the problems of the Samsung yet lacking the performance that makes the Samsung a delight to use. Between these two phones, my money goes to the Samsung and the S10 e which is only slightly more than the LG V40 and sometimes less.

Balancing the View

Everyone or should I say the Youtubers have gone nuts over the s10 e and theres a lot to like. Yet, it’s important to be aware of the downsides irrespective of software compatibility. A lot of software now runs on Android and the Apple platforms. However, not everything does so this can be frustrating if you were to go with the Samsung in an Apple environment.

Yet, no one should think it can’t be done and once done it’s good. Cross platform is a trending position and it brings a lot to the table. Cross platform not only helps in bringing down costs but can, if done right, encourages imagination. There are sometimes benefits to having the best of both worlds at your finger tips.

The Long and the Short

Cross platform provides both tangible and intangible benefits. However, if the price is somewhat the same between IOS and Android, you are far better off with the IOS device but only if you exist solely within that ecosystem. If though, cross platform has been achieved and the phones are definitely work horses on both sides, in an Apple ecosystem it is better to stick with all Apple. Where though there are cost and performance benefits to cross platform, this can bring a lot to the table. That is, an Android today is quite capable of working in an integrated manner within the Apple ecosystem. You might like that an Android is fully customizable; that for some things it is just better (e.g. the Blackberry Hub cannot be matched in IOS) and that Microsoft has decided to commit to Android.

In the case of Android, where we sit now and look at the Samsung phones the use of the s10 e makes a lot of sense whilst the other two devices need to be weighed more carefully. It is important that the pros and cons are are considered more so than with the s 10 e. The following need be measured:

  • the curved screen can accidentally set off actions you may not want which can be annoying
    – the fingerprint sensor is not nearly as robust as it need be
    – the curvature though futuristic looking causes mild distortion at the edges
    – tempered screen glass protectors by and large can’t be used
    – weight especially with the s10+


  • you’re getting more phone for a modest price increase
    – the resolution is 1440 p (UHD) as opposed to 1080 p (HD)
    – larger screen which generally is more enjoyable for consuming content
    – ability to max out RAM and storage memory (memory though on every device is sufficient to overkill and if you use a good cloud service like pCloud storage memory should be a non-issue)
    – possibly marginally faster due to RAM increase but since all phones are more than adequate currently this is a non-starter


The trend is towards cross platform. In business it would be too costly to provision one phone set to a team. Teams are made up of different devices. The key for a team is simply access to the information in a common fashion. Thus, processes happen smoothly and with benefits. In the next five years the trend to cross platform will have gained not a foothold but be on a solid footing.

The Samsung s10 will likely be a winner and this will increase the pressure to make cross platform a reality higher. Of the s10 devices themselves you are best served by the s10e. It is more cost effective, easy to hold and use with a spectacular screen and it is as agile as the others. Further, its security button is a fast, proven technology along with a more standard style of panel. In the end though it must be remembered that competitive advantage doesn’t come from the devices per se but the way in which they are used and used synergistically.

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