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Android in the Apple Environment: Proceed with Caution

by Kerry Dawson

In a world that is moving to cross platform and has been for a while the ability to use an Android handset is quite feasible. If you’ve been eyeing that new Smartphone from Samsung, depending on what you do and use it is very feasible to use the phone with your Apple equipment.

Avoid Transitioning if….

If you are heavily vested in the Apple ecosystem, as it is referred to, transitioning is possible but probably not worth the headaches. You would likely be considered heavily invested if you are/have:
– surrounded by Apple equipment such as an:
– an iMac
– iPad
– Macbook
– and especially devoted to only Max software such as Things, Omnifocus, DEVONTHINK etc
If you need all these devices sync’d in harmony, then it is easier to do that if you have an iPhone on top of it all. It is really the software though that would be most responsible for keeping you with an iPhone. A lot of software now runs on both platforms and can be kept in perfect sync. It’s the software that you might use that you cannot live without and would have to be used everywhere. However, many categories of software has equivalents allowing you to work around a piece of software if you wanted to.
As an example, say you use Things for task management and tried TickTick or Todoist, which are both cross platform and are well liked. You might decide these can do the trick and use those instead.

When Cross Platform makes a Great Deal of Sense

Cross platform is not necessarily a downhill struggle at all and you might decide the benefits outweigh any negatives. You might be interested in an Android phone for a particular reason such as the LG v40 for its distinctive array of five cameras and its sound system based on a DAC 32 system. The former provides you many enhanced photo opportunities and if you’re a music aficionado you’ll love the DAC 32 of the v40.
Other Android phone makers are incorporating most specifically the wide angle shooter which people love generally far more so than the closeup camera. Samsung’s new series of s10 phones has been a particular hit for the advanced design, spectacular panel, a relatively notchless experience and performance which is only matched by an iPhone XS Max. This brings us to a final point and that is price. Often, in the Android world, these advanced capabilities can be had for a better price than that of the iPhone. Such aspects are getting people to switch from the iPhone to Androids and most do not regret their decision.

Tying it all Together via the Cloud

The cloud has become the enabler of so much it is hard to keep track of the various ways it has influenced our lives from streaming video to keeping in touch with others. The cloud makes cross platform a very viable reality.
To pull all your various composents together there are three primary systems to do this. They are:
– Microsoft Exchange
– Fruux and open systems caldav/carddav standard
– Google
Unfortunately iCloud is being used to maintain Apple’s ecosystem but Apple’s lack of openness might one day backfire on the company. If someone buys a movie they want to be able to use it on anything not just Apple equipment and the same goes for music and on it really goes. Apple’s ecosystem is a delight in many ways but some are beginning to view it negatively. Constrained within it starts feeling as if Apple is not doing the world a favour but rather exercising monopolistic power.

Cross Platform viable today and Building Momentum

Cross Platform solutions are being driven by a number of factors one being the need to allow people with different devices to work together in teams. Gone are the days where everyone in a project was supplied with a Blackberry. Now people use their device of choice using a cross system platform to allow interactivity.
On the personal, user front the user today might use iPhone but like to switch for one device to another. No device should deem itself superior as today’s units are all very powerful with robust OS’s. With the ability of the cloud to pull things together and software running identically in both environments, there is no reason not to employ such a solution except in the case where you are so embedded in iPhone apps that you can’t change and that will likely never port.
Looking at your scenario carefully, you can easily decide whether you’re a victim of the Apple ecosystem. I say a victim only in the sense that you may be locked into an environment you don’t particularly need to be. The next five years should be particularly interesting as cross platform is becoming a thing and it is beneficial for all. Apple could be providing the underlying infrastructure without you being locked into a proprietary system keeping things more competitive and workflows improved. Regardless, don’t feel you’re particularly trapped as it is possible for many to work fully in a cross system environment.

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