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Choosing a Screen Protector for the s10 is a Challenge

by Kerry Dawson

Screen protectors have become central to saving the valuable screens on today’s pricey Smartphones. It’s not just the protection that matters it’s how that protection feels.

The screen protector of choice now is tempered glass. With a Samsung s10 e this is not a problem as the screen is flat and doesn’t have the unlock button in the screen. However, the s10/s10 plus are different animals.

What to do for the s10/s10 Plus

It is not just having protection that matters but the kind of protection as TPU protectors feel plasticky and sluggish whereas the tempered glass feels like the screen. Currently, you pretty well have to use TPU protectors if you want you s10 to work with both the finger print sensor and even with adhesion. The regular tempered glass screen protectors do not adhere well to the curved glass and are prone to popping off.

Using film or TPU protectors is less than ideal. They feel terrible. They are nothing like tempered glass screen protectors. The tempered glass screen protector almost called the death knell for TPU screen protectors as they were so much hardier and felt as if you weren’t using anything.

There is one Protector which Appears to Work

There is one protector the Dome Easy Install Kit by Whitestone is supposed to work perfectly. However, it is $65 Canadian and although they say it is simple to install it is more involved than any tempered glass out there. It is supposed to work and work well.

Why the Curved Screen

Why Samsung uses the curved screen is hard to figure out. Regardless, it is presenting a problem and I was told by a second party vendor that this is creating sales problems. Of this I have no doubt as I’m taking my s10 plus back. I might get the s10 e as it is a nice size; uses a nice touch button unlock and handles standard tempered glass without issue. Finally, it is the most cost effective in the series.

Samsung has a nice phone which is well designed and runs incredibly fast. However, an issue of the screen is dissuading users from getting the larger models. If you want a larger model this shouldn’t be the reason not to get one but it will save you money and one could say the only real thing missing is the closeup camera.


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