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Review of Copy Paste Pro by Plum Amazing

by Kerry Dawson

There are a ton of clipboard programs designed to store multiple copies of text or images so that you can paste the copied snippet later or at just a more convenient time. Programs such as Pastebot, Copy-Copy, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro and many more do an excellent job of copying your data. However, some are just a little easier than others when going about this.

Copy Paste Pro is no New kid on the Block

Copy Paste Pro has been around for some time now and does a fine job at refining the way you copy information to a field or multiple fields. It is basically jam packed with functionality and provides many ways of accessing your stored clips and pasting them into a document and managing those clips.
There are really two methods I completely rely on to copy and paste information. The methods as described below are intuitive, fast and enjoyable to use.

The Clip Browser/s

There are two methods I particularly employ to copy and paste information. One method involves two floating icons the History and Archive icons that store information. When I’m ready to begin pasting I simply go to the History clip browser, find the info I want and begin pasting by tapping the P button. Information is pasted exactly where my cursor is. Not only is this nice to work with it is very accurate.
The second method I use is the clip browser that works similarly to alt-tab. In this case, you hold down the command key, move your mouse to the right edge of the window and a popup appears that you can scroll through and review your information. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you simply click on it or press the enter key and it is place in the spit that you wanted it for.

Manipulating Data

When working with the program, you can edit a clip. This can be very useful in that you can alter or add to what is output. As an example, you might have the street address only of the snippet but would like to include the city. Simple – just add it in.
You could open a URL straight from the program. Further, you can sort your snippets and save them to disk for future reference. You can save to disk as many archives as you’d like and then reopen the one with the information, such as a phone number, that you need. In essence, your clipboard manager is now taking on aspects of a good database system that you’re storing without the realizing the significance of the information at the time.

Costs a bit More but you get A Lot More

I’ve in a way scratched the surface of what this program is capable of. If you are a writer or your position (say a student) involves a lot of writing, then the program will inevitably be worth the small investment. Automating repetitive outflows, ensuring accuracy and just making your process a touch simpler cannot be underestimated. The program is $30 but it is a well spent $30 if you take advantage of capabilities inherent with this program.
If you use something like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Launchbar etc, they have multiple capabilites built in and it might be more difficult in this case to justify the expense however, the functions inherent in Copy Paste Pro go beyond the capabilities of the above. If you have something like Keyboard Maestro it is possible to organize your snippet around a powerful workflow. For some, this would go beyond really what they want to do.
In essence, Copy Paste Pro allows for a great deal of flexibility in an easy to learn package that has a ton of power. This is valuable. It’s useful to simplify processes while assisting accuracy at a reasonable price without overkill. Should a snippet no longer be of value, simply delete it. A rational approach to the whole area of copy and paste can produce amazing benefits that not many haver known since the beginning of the clipboard.

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