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Samsung s10 follows the LG V40

by Kerry Dawson

Everyone is currently making a huge fuss over the Samsung s10 phones but of interest is that the Samsung s10 plus is no different, except for the skin and chipset, from the LG V40. The LG V40 came to market with three lenses on the back and two on the front months before the Samsung s10. There is no question the Samsung s10 is a nice phone with its 855 Qualcomm chipset and beautiful display plus the very fluid OneUI. However, the LG V40 is no slouch and can be had for much better price.
The v40 is equipped with the same kind of camera array as the Samsung s10 plus however the v40 has the 845 chipset. Practically though, you can hardly tell the difference in speed.
The v40 has a gorgeous LG POLED display and for some they will prefer this skin over the Samsungs though I prefer the latter’s fluidity.

Sound is the Major Differentiator

One might say the external speakers are nicer on the Samsung than LG’s boombox configuration however, nothing compares to LG’s DAC 32 when utilized with good, high end wired headphones. The sound is rich and controllable. If sound is your thing there is no contest.


At Amazon the s10 plus can be had for $1420 and the LG for $939 Canadian. Considering these phones are both 6.4” displays and the v40 is a touch lighter at 169 grams vs 175 grams one could easily say the v40 is the better deal. The notch on the v40 is so small it doesn’t interfere just like the Samsung s10’s small punch hole. In fact, when you watch 4k video on the LG it does not spill over to the notch.
For the money difference you are far better off with the LG V40 rather than the Samsung s10. I would say if you had to put out equal money on these two phones it would be a toss up but I would likely lean to the Samsung s10. However, if music was my thing and I wanted only the best then it would be the v40 hands down.

Both Good Phones but LG was there First

Both of these phones are excellent with excellent build quality. The Samsung is using a more current chip set for now and Android Pie however, the LG V50 will use both of these features which has been announced just not launched.
As it stands currently, performance measurement is more quantitative than qualitative. That is, you can notice the differences side by side but not when you’re just working with the phones independently. Considering the money that you’ll save you’re likely better off with the v40 unless there is something about the Samsung that moves you and money is not a concern. You can really only save though when the v40’s price is lowered as it inevitably is. However, at its list price of $949 you are better off with the Samsung.

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