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Techtools Pro v11 is Mojave Compatible

by Kerry Dawson

Apple’s operating systems for the Mac referred to as High Sierra and Mojave have changed the OS from HFS + to Apple File System (APFS) and with that many changes have occurred. In the case of this discussion, I will be looking at the disk utilities that were able to assist with repairs of HFS+ but only one currently can fully repair an AFPS disk. Techtools Pro v11.0.2 can repair the Macs current file system and this is important.

If there is File System Corruption

Under HFS+ the file system could often be corrupted either causing a computer to misbehave or fully fail. At that time, along with Apple’s Disk utility there were utilities that could be brought to bear that might resolve the file system problem. One of the most prominent and relied upon was Disk Warrior from Alsoft and although the program can read AFPS disks it can’t repair them.
However, fortunately Techtools Pro 11 can repair an AFPS volume. Often it is beneficial to run Apple’s disk utility repair and then Techtool’s Pro weekly as part of a good maintenance strategy.

Keeping you Disk Healthy

Disk corruption can seem like it is happening suddenly and often for no apparent reason. Such is not the case however. A computer’s file system is one very busy place. All aspects of any work you do on your computer relies on the file system. It can slowly begin to untangle.
If you’re quick and you recognize something seems to be off, it is a good idea to quickly run Techtool’s Pro on the system. This might undo the beginnings of damage and eventual data loss. This is but one part of preventing disaster but it’s a good part. Once the file system fully fails it may become impossible to recover from that point but at least you can try.

Preventative Strategy

Currently there are really four things that should be done on a regular basis in case disaster strikes and if it does and you aren’t prepared for it you could loose a lot such as all your wonderful vacation photos.
– Antiviral software
– regular daily backups with at least time machine and cloning software like Superduper
– disk cleaning with Cleanmymac X so that the file system is just managing what it needs to manage.
– on a weekly basis it is a good idea to run something like:
– Apple’s repair utility
Techtool’s Pro Volume rebuild
– an ongoing disk checker such as Checkmate to watch for deteriorating health

Should corruption of the file system ensue, then all you can do with an AFPS system at the moment is run Apple’s disk repair and Techtools Pro to see if the volume can be rebuilt. Should worse come to worse though and it can’t then a good backup will save the day.

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