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SD Memory Cards keep Dropping Dramatically in Price

by Kerry Dawson

For anyone who has an Smartphone or for that matter any device that accepts SD Memory Cards there has never been a time like the present. Memory cards have continuously been falling in price over time but currently they have taken a huge drop. Most specifically, Samsung’s 512 gig card can be had for $99 USDA at Amazon. However, this is a lot of memory. A 256 gig card can be had for $44.99 USD making large amounts of memory easily available.

Powerful Advantage Leans Androids Way

Android has Phones decked out in their ability to accept SD memory cards thus increasing your storage capabilities dramatically. With an iPhone if you don’t order it with the right amount of memory you‘re likely to use you could essentially have to buy a new phone. It’s important to take advantage of this capability potentially increasing your ability to respond in a better fashion and avoid premature obsolescence. Thus, now is a good time to take advantage of these tremendous deals.

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