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Techtools Pro v11 can handle Mojave’s AFPS File System

by Kerry Dawson

Three activities are very important to maintaining a well running Mac. They are:

There is no question now that the Mac requires good AV software. An infected machine, unless infection can be removed, will degrade in functionality fast leading to potential data theft, system operation problems or loss of system control.

Weekly Maintenance Program

Such programs tend to run important built-in scripts essential to maintaining the performance of a Mac. For the longest time, there was really nothing for the Mac. Tools are becoming available and not all tools are created equally. The one I have liked for years is Cocktail from Maintain Software.

Cocktail does a number of maintenance functions but three scripts that are built into the OS are also run. These scripts run overnight to keep your system performing at its best. If they aren’t run, there is a performance hit. As an example, if you don’t keep your computer running overnight the scripts won’t run. Cocktail ensures these scripts a long with other important operations, such as removing unnecessary cache files etc happen. For such a small investment the program does so much.

TechTools Pro v11 System Maintenance and Recovery

System maintenance and recovery tools have generally been the most powerful and useful tools to keep your system running at its peak performance. The tools do a lot but the aspect I want to consider here is volume operation. Apple includes in its disk utility program a tool to run maintenance functions on the volume and although this is valuable in and of itself, in a severe situation it has never been viewed as enough.

Three Major Tools

In this category, there has always been these three major tools that are the best and they are:

  • Drive Genius
  • Techtool Pro
  • Diskwarrior

These tools are not cheap but what they do they make every penny worth it. They can make the difference between complete catastrophe and a happy Mac.

The Problem

With High Sierra and Mojave, Apple introduced the AFPS file system to carry it for the next thirty years. However, the above tool vendors had great difficulty with the most critical function – a volume rebuild.

Techtools Pro the first to Solve the Problem

At first, TTP had the same problem they all did. The program could analyze a volume but be able to do nothing about it. They however, have been the first to market in which they can rebuild an AFPS volume increasing dramatically the ability to prevent and even reverse disaster.

At one time, Disk Warrior was your go to tool, when all else failed, to recover a volume. They have made progress but that’s it. Progress and really what does that mean if you can’t recover the volume.

Drive Genius also can’t repair a volume leaving only Tech Tools Pro 11 as the only viable option. Without being able to repair the volume these other tools are really not worth the money.

Techtools Pro has been around for Long Time and Does Comprehensive Diagnostics

There is no tool on the market that can beat TTP for its broad ranging ability to analyze the functions of your computer system. From testing memory reliability through to potential HD disk failure or SSD problems this tool is the one to currently match. If you have anything in your kitbag non Apple have Techtools Pro 11.

I run a corollary program called Checkdisk which is always looking out for trouble. Weekly I run Techtools Pro’s comprehesive assessment and since I’ve got it running I rebuild the volume. This keeps your volume efficient and alerts you to problems either arriving or have arisen. Just from a performance perspective, this is well worth doing. However, if you can avert a disaster it makes the effort and money well worth the investment.

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