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Why the LG v40 is better than the Samsung s10+

by Kerry Dawson

Currently the Samsung s10+ is receiving rave reviews. However, after trying two I don’t get it. I have an an LG v40 in the Carmine Red colour and not only does it work better it’s a stunning phone to look at. The Prism White phones that I had from Samsung were no slouches in terms of looks but in the way of operation there was much to be desired.

The Infinity Display an Infinite Nightmare

The first probably deal breaker for me was that curved display or what they refer to as the Infinity Display. What a joke. How in heaven’s name is this supposed to be more futuristic than a normal flat panel display.

My first challenge was to find a screen protector that worked. The one that comes with the product wouldn’t prevent a fly from breaking through. Of course, there are TPU film protectors that work with the under the screen system lock but these are so old school. They are hard to install and feel dreadful to the touch.

Onward to tempered glass. None basically work with the infinity display if you want the under-screen touch lock to work. However, one product from Whiteglass called Dome does work with a caveat. I installed two: one on my v40 and one on the s10+. When I installed the first one on the v40 my earpiece speaker was soft and hard to hear. I hadn’t connected the dots till I installed it on the s10+. The same thing happened and at this point I thought this is too coincidental.

There is a way to prevent the glue from getting into the speaker but I wondered if that failed then what. I can’t say definitively that’s what happened but if there’s even the slightest chance a product could cause such a failure to the phone there is no way I’d ever touch it again whether I made some catastrophic mistake or not. So in light of this, you’re stuck with less than perfect TPU protectors or nothing. Nothing has not been option since phones have been encapsuled in glass. A drop makes them too vulnerable to shattering.

The Self-Possessed Phone

At this point I was thinking about taking the phone back when I also realized that the phone had an interesting habit of doing things I hadn’t asked it to do. Once again, back to that futuristic display combined with your antiquated palm and you’ve got a recipe for a perfectly self-possessed phone. It was very easy to accidentally rub your palm against the side of the screen thus setting off a chain reaction of unanticipated actions. It was now beginning to look all too imperfect.

The Camera Array is Great but LG led the charge with their G6

It’s interesting to hear all these You-tubers going on about how wonderful the wide angle lens is on the Samsung. Yet, it is LG that led this charge when they brought out the LG G6 followed by eventually the v40 that precipitated the five camera phone that first appeared on LG. No one seems to remember that though.

When you look at the two phones now and realize the v40 can be had for less money and is just as enticing or maybe more so than the s10 one would wonder why the s10.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 755 vs 745 or let’s Talk about Sanity

One thing definitely going in Samsung’s favour is the CPU. In North America that CPU is the Snapdragon 755 which provides a significant boost in performance. However, the LG is no slouch with its 845 CPU. What Android is waiting for is not better hardware but good software and software that is cross platform to OSX and IOS and can be considered as good. The trend to cross platform is happening so as this happens we can turn our attention back to the hardware.

From a hardware perspective, even though the v40’s chipset is not as new as Samsung’s its hardware is superior. The has a nicer or at least a more practical design with stellar colours and that beautiful P-OLED flat panel for its display. There is no problem getting a very good tempered glass screen protector for the v40 at a reasonable price.

As for the cameras I often think people have become camera insane. If you watch too much of the You-tubers they promote camera insanity. Why? Who knows. I sometimes think they don’t know what they’re talking about or worse still have nothing to say so let’s compare cameras. If anyone thinks the cameras on the v40 don’t stand their ground against other cameras they’re the ones who are insane. If we have to talk cameras, LG has been doing the most with cameras and are likely the best at it just due to time and experience.

Samsung or LG

The answer as to which phone is the one that suits you best. You might find the infinity display nice but I highly doubt it. The extra zip of the 855 is nice for sure but the LG G8, currently out and the LG v50 soon to make its appearance, both have the 855 chipset.

There is one other very important aspect of the v40. It comes with a DAC 32 which enhances the sound substantially. For the music aficionado, this is the phone to get. Nothing else really compares.

Considering the above the LG product can be considered better from a number of angles. Its practical design along with such things as the DAC 32 for music make it a fantastic phone. LG is just very bad at trumpeting its own horn.

There are definitely tradeoffs with some phones that are not of the calibre of the LG or the Samsung. However, when it comes to these two phones there are no trade-offs. So then design and functionality need come to the fore and the LG wins hands down on this one. If you watch the You-tubers though you might think otherwise and that’s the power of the medium.

In reality, most of the tech You-tubers, except for a handful, have no clue what they’re talking about. They though have the gift of gab and thus sound knowledgeable. LG doesn’t advertise it’s products well the way Apple and Samsung do so they get left out of most except the conversations made by the few that know what they’re talking about. Considering the prices you can get a v40 at which definitively rivals the s10+ you will have snapped up a bargain for a no compromise phone. It’s a win situation for those willing to try the road.

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