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Why I Inevitably could not switch to an Android Phone from my iPhone

by Kerry Dawson

I’ve used Apple products for a very long time even though I started in the PC World using then DOS which quickly became Windows running on DOS. In 2003 I made my final switch to Apple. In these days, I used a Palm Pilot and then a Blackberry which I loved. When the iPhone was released, the first iteration wasn’t powerful enough. However, by the 3g I switch to the iPhone a long with an iPad to follow.

The beginnings of the Mac ecosystem was beginning to take shape. Software across platforms began to evolve and mature. I eventually was hooked.

A Long came Android

I was used to a different phone in my ecosystem but had become very software reliant. As Android matured, Software was being ported to it from the Mac and it became possible to integrate an Android into the ecosystem. This is the way things should be and are becoming via cross platform solutions.

As long as I could either use my app or find a workaround app that satisfied my needs there wasn’t a problem. Yet, two apps which I was very reliant on did not seem to be interested in becoming an open systems app. That was Omnifocus and DEVONthink. So much of my workflow involved these apps. I was able to find alternatives but nothing was as good as the real McCoy. I so hoped these companies would see the light through the bigger picture but they did not.

After working with my workarounds I began to feel incomplete. Both these companies were rigid in their view that we the consumer don’t know what is good for us. Frustration aside, I had to face the stark reality of it may never be what it should be. Thus the workaround was the only viable option other than returning to the Apple fold tail between my legs.

The Apple Watch

After having toyed with two Android watches (neither of which I needed) I decided to give the Apple Series 4 a good look. The watch from Apple had never done if for me before for a variety of reasons but Series 4 was different. By that I mean it had

the capability to be truly useful. No longer did the phone have to be at my side. The watch advised of important incoming information that in the past I might have missed.

Something as simple as the timers proved extremely useful. In fact, they were so useful I decided for this reason alone I could not give up the watch. It was stylish and practical but above all else it was useful. Things were no longer getting overcooked. Less food was hitting the wastebasket which is the way it should be. I was hooked and hooked into the ecosystem. There might be a way of working out of the ecosystem but why? Things were just working and working nicely.

I went All out on My Apple Environment

I decided for the first time in a while to simplify. Although the Samsung s10 is a beaut of a phone, the Apple xs Max is no slouch. It’s probably too expensive and it will be a while for Apple to understand this.

Going back to all Apple was simple. I use Exchange for sync instead of iCloud because of Outlook and that works like a breeze. Using the phone though now effectively allows me to use the watch something I love. Is there anti-trust issues going on with Apple. Of course as no one company should be able to obliterate the competition and for some they have effectively done that. For others that know their way around you can use a Samsung with oneUI in your Mac Ecosystem as long as the software itself runs in both environments. Since I was hell bent on leather to use DEVONthink and Omnifocus in my environment, this is best done if you have an iPhone. You can play around with this but the upshot is it’s not as good. Omnifocus can be used to some degree but not DEVONthink. Long term, this could be a serious problem for DEVONthink that advertises its software as open but it it is far from it.

The Apple Watch and Software brought me back to Apple

I’m not unhappy using all Apple again. There are some things about the setup that are just easier. Not only is it well integrated between the four major platforms but this emphasis on integration is being dramatically enhanced. The iPad is getting its own OS and it’s about time. It is different than the phone and IOS was holding both back.

I am convinced that the move back to the Apple ecosystem will benefit me although I might prefer something in another environment such as the Samsung s10. However, tradeoffs have to be made at times. This is a pretty good trade-off.

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