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Will the new Breed of Android Phones start to impact the Apple Ecosystem

by Kerry Dawson

Apple’s iPhone is under fire at the moment and sales are declining. There appear to be two major reasons for this:

  • Market saturation
  • Price

In both of the above scenarios the people who want or need a smartphone have one. Additionally, today’s Smartphone is seen to be quite robust. They are generally considered competent with a powerful feature set. As such many do not see the value in immediately upgrading to the latest and greatest especially when they don’t particularly do anything the current Smartphone can do. Here we have a classical case of market saturation. Yet, companies still need to make money.

Price Pushback or when does Enough get to be too Much

The great strides with smartphones have been made. Currently the strides made are modest at best. However, to keep delivering cool software or the lastest and greatest it is getting very expensive. People have reached their price boundary. You can’t

just keep spending money when you don’t have it. You will soon find yourself in an ocean of debt and for what. The screen is a little more immersive; the incremental advantage getting smaller and smaller. The wallet is getting lighter and lighter.

People are pulling back and saying enough. They’re watching the reviews and unless addicted they just don’t see something that justifies $1500 only to be replaced in a year for “and we know the answer – more of our hard earned money.” There is no money tree and all this stuff though impressive doesn’t reveal anything truly mind boggling. As hard as it may seem , the brakes have to be applied.

Possibly 5g will Break the Log Jam

It is thought 5g capability will be enough to break the logjam until we are all on it and this could be a major push for new Smartphones. 5g is probably one of the most significant speed boosts to the internet however, the switch may not occur as fast as everyone would like. Some are more than satisfied with 4g. Time will tell this story.

The new Breed of Androids

For a long time Androids did not match the iPhone on the performance or looks front. That is no longer the case and they are not generally as costly. In numerous cases they outpace the iPhone , look great and cost less. In some cases you can save a ton of money.

Cross platform is the way of the future allowing teams to easily work together, get better or more suitable product and priced more handsomely. The iPhone is not going away but status may be seen with a Samsun Samsung s10 Prism White. Competition will keep prices down and the industry marching forward.

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