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Android’s Come on Strong; very strong Indeed

by Kerry Dawson

Note 10

In an article I wrote only a short while ago, I said I was unable to break free of the strangle hold Apple had on me. In the article “[Why I Inevitably could not switch to an Android Phone from my iPhone]” I surmise this basically because I like my Apple Watch so much and everything was going crazy due to this lack of compatibility. However, I accidentally found the answer for me. Fossil just released their Gen 5 watch based on Intel’s 3100 promising better battery life and performance. Honestly both have been met satisfactorily. The watch is still not as good as an Apple however, new off the shelf it is $200 less than Apple’s offering and it does the job for me in a container that looks more like a real watch. Logging a full day and sometimes up to two on one battery charge this is excellent.

The watch has all the apps I use and need. It was more than fortuitous than ever that I came across this solution. Interestingly, the watch works with both the iPhone and the Android. You couldn’t ask for better as the Apple sure doesn’t with an Android.

All the apps that I Rely On

Apps galore 2

Additionally, although I am not app centric with my watch, I’m getting more that way. I can check my calendar, tasks, look at my journal using Journey, measure fitness, talk to it and even have incoming calls that can be taken by the watch. What this meant clearly was I was free. I broke out my s10 + and I’m exceptionally happy with the operation.

Apple’s walled garden only kept me out of an alternative for a very short time. This does not mean I won’t come back to IOS but just not for now. The s10 is a far more capable phone that the iPhone XS Max and further its weighting is very annoying. I can manage my Samsung s10 far more easily than iPhone XS Max which is a far too heavy son of a beast.

Android has advanced leaps and bounds over the last five years and for all their confusion strategy, it finally is coming together nicely. You as the operator can benefit from this competition. If I felt for a second this was not a productivity enhancement I’d apologize and I’d go home. However, I love the Samsung s10 +. However, for those not so risqué, I’d likely say stay with the iPhone. I do believe Apple is heading for deep waters and they will need to open their environment. A cross platform, synergistic approach can only benefit all parties. As the tech becomes elaborate cross platform will be necessary to control the complexity of the solutions. In fact, cross platform solutions become the norm, the better these systems work together, the benefits inescapable.

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