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Informant 5 is a Powerful Calendar, Task and Notes Manager

by Kerry Dawson

Informant 5 is not as prominently known as say other productivity systems such as 2do, Todoist, Things etc or Fantastical and Busycal but this is an easy to use yet powerful productivity system which is cross platform (runs Apple and Android). Very recently version 5 for Android was just released enhancing the overall value of this as strong ompeting tool to the standalone apps. The Apple software for the Mac, iPad and iPhone is truly nice to look at and very powerful while the Android (which has now been update) has come a long way. It too is a powerful, nice to use all in one application which helps with one’s productivity. There is not the need to bounce from say a calendar to a task and a note as there is with the standalone apps making this more efficient to use.

State of the Art Key Modules for Comprehensive Productivity Management

Informant provides three modules to basically manage your life. It has a critically acclaimed calendaring system, a full GTD and project control module but it is the task management area that stands out and a very comprehensive notes taker that can be integrated with your tasks. The beauty of the program is that none of these areas are weak. This is all done with an easy but beautiful UI. If there was any weakness in any area the program would be compromised but this just simply is not the case.

Android Version though does Compromise the Complete Experience

Since we are talking about a cross platform system, it must be noted that the Android version severely compromises the system and thus the experience. The Android version was done in 2015 whereas the Apple apps were completed in 2018. To put it mildly, the Android UI is simply ugly thus making very the system confusing and hard to work with. Once you do have it down though you have basically the same info as the Apple versions.

Fanatic software, the producers of the system, are currently upgrading the Android version. I am confident their update will equal or possibly exceed that of say the IOS app. Till then, if you have Android as part of the mix be prepared for a less than stellar experience but don’t let that colour the unique powers of the platform and its full cross platform capability.

The Modules

I really want to address primarily the task manager and notes manager and suffice it to say that you can’t do better for a calendar than Informant. However, task management programs often feel like a confusing array of complexity or lack of functionality or both. Many have tried numerous task managers never to be satisfied as something is either wrong or missing. Finally, the last thing you want in your task manager is something that takes more time managing the tasks than getting something done.

Full GTD capable Task Manager

Informants task manager is as capable as the best. It supports full GTD standards however, you can make it a simple task manager should you want to. The capability rivals that of the standalone but it’s not standalone. The software can handle very complex nested projects. In addition, the integration with the Notes module supports adding documentation to the project.

The task manager in Informant alone is worth it. However, the systems integration adds functionality that just doesn’t exist with the standalone.

Award Winning Calendar

The calendar in Informant is an award winning system. You can use a variety of protocols with it but I like using Fruux. As a result, Fruux is very versatile and brings to the table a gorgeous calendar supported by the other modules.

The Notepad completes an Excellent System

The Notepad directly supports the entire Informant environment. This is not a simple notepad but one that is comprehensive. It integrates very well with the entire environment and that of tasks exceptionally well.

The system works very synergistically. It takes a while to get onto Informant but once you have you basically have found a gem of a productivity app.

Once Android is Re-written a Unique Cross Platform Solution will have Arrived

In the system, Android is currently the weak link. This has the effect of pulling down the entire system. However, once a true port of the key functionality and the look and feel is complete, the system will essentially shine. Cross platform is inevitable. Android has massive market share meaning teams, even in North America, will be brought together to complete a project and the systems the individuals use will have to work with each other.

To think that one company should control all is dangerous. Competition ensures the best survives at a reasonable price. If your competitor is there with such a solution and you’re not you’ll be behind the eight ball.

The current Android solution will work but it does not have the nice UI of its Apple brethren. Thus there is a bit of a learning curve. However, with Informant at least cross platform can be accomplished.

Below the radar but Maybe not for Long

Informant is not only a comprehensive it’s a really good app. It looks great and when you get on to the custom controls it works wonderfully. All three modules of the system work synergistically. Throw in Android and now you have a cross platform solution one which will be like the IOS app.

Thinking of just the task manager alone, in many ways it shines which one would not expect in an all-in-one system. It is fully GTD capable but can operate as a simple task list and reminders system. For this alone it is well worth getting. Add to it being an award winning calendar and a powerful note editor and you have quite the winning combination.

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