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OmniFocus and Android

by Kerry Dawson

Currently, the OmniGroup has no immediate plans to port to Android a serious mistake in my opinion. Without going into much depth with this analysis I would like to discuss what you could do for now hoping that the Omnigroup comes to their senses. They are literally living in the year 2000 in which we were preparing for Y2K.

The Case for an Android Client

There is really two defacto standard mobile operating systems today and they are IOS and Android. Both systems work extremely well with Android having an edge due to it’s open source. There are many suppliers of Android phones and some are very impressive.

In the business world where people operate in a heterogenous fashion, some with IOS and others with Android. People on teams often have a mix of equipment in which they need to converse. The Open Systems Foundation was established in the late 80’s to address the issues of interoperability. Over the years progress has been made but not enough.

FocusGTD by Raymond Burger

Raymond Burger, realizing the importance of cross systems interoperability, developed a mobile app for OmniFocus which runs flawlessly. Although it does not look like the IOS version from Omni it’s pretty good. I’ve been using it for some time now without issue.

The application does allow cross platform teams tp come together and do their work. This application is very much a blessing. That Omni themselves aren’t doing this boggles the mind. It is obviously based on a narrow philosophical view at Omni that makes little sense.

Should you need FocusGTD you can get v3 here .

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