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The September Apple Announcements are coming Fast but will they be Exciting

by Kerry Dawson

Sept 10 2019 is coming up fast and it is expected Apple will announce a range of products and initiatives at this show. Will the show prove exciting. Yes and no. There are some thing that should be pretty interesting and others that will lead to a yawn.

The next Version of the iPhone

Originally this device was expected to be released as the iPhone 11. Now the thinking is the naming conventions regarding the next gen phone will change to something like the iPhone Pro. This is not expected to be a major upgrade however, with many things to remain the same and yet other items to be enhanced. As an example, it is expected the iPhone will support a wide angle lens something which has proved very popular on other handsets.

The release of AppleTV plus promises to be the most exciting thing to be announced. The changes in the way we consume TV content started a number of years ago. Apple has just been slow to get there but getting off the ground with this promises to put a rubber stamp or seal of approval on our new TV consumption habits.

Many other Things to be Touched On

It will likely be well worth tuning in to the show regardless as in years past something significant has always arisen. Apple continues to have a lot of clout in the industry even as Android phones mature to the point their technology is exceeding that of the iPhone. However, it is not all about mobile any longer. The evolving movement to open systems is making things very interesting in a different way. Mobile is a key part of the move to open systems. Although Apple still has one of the most vibrant walled gardens, there is some minute evidence that they might be embracing further aspects of open systems. This is especially significant as the industrie‘s complexity increases requiring a partnering so to speak to allow the utilization of this newly found fountain of functionality.

Additionally, many are hoping Apple will improve substantially the functionality of its hardware. Apple product remains expensive but it is generally underperforming. It no longer remains the vibrant centre of productivity. Many are rightly getting frustrated by Apple.

When the Open Systems Foundation was formed back in the late 80s the goal was to allow systems to work together thus increasing their power and functionality. It will be interesting to see if Apple will peek out from its garden before its thrown out. The show might be an indicator of where Apple is moving.

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