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WIFI V6 Soon to Arrive

by Kerry Dawson

Wifi has offered a lot of functionality and potential over the years. Initially, it was slow and somewhat unstable with performance enhancements in 2009. With so many devices in our places of work and homes running via wifi, many solutions have come along to improve the system. The current best solution is to install a mesh network preventing dead zones, improving speed and the handling of multiple devices without issue.


Wifi 6 image
A new standard is about to appear and details can be found in this [article]. WIFI v6 is a substantive upgrade to the WIFI standard that will see us well into the future. Faster speeds, more devices on the network and enhanced stability are all aspects of this standard.

Devices will of course have to work with the standard. Currently a handful of devices are enabled for WIFI 6 including the Samsung s10 series and Note 10 series. More devices will of course follow.

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