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As Sept 10 Rapidly Approaches do We Know it All

by Kerry Dawson

We most assuredly do not know if anything that has been reported on is in any way right. We will only know this when we sit down and watch the show in all its glory and we will feel one of three things:

  • disappointment
  • jubilation
  • something in between

Our mood outcome will ultimately be based on what we were hoping for. Many of Apple’s machines of late don’t work very well. The first company to break a trillion dollars was also the first company that went into a full scale, run as fast as you can retreat and if you have any spine left, you might (a very big might) deliver something useful that works at a price that won’t kill.

Tim Cook, who you really wonder why he is in his role, was chosen based on one criteria – steal from the poor to enhance those lives that are all too much about consumption . Apple under Jobs was about great products that just worked. They were more money as more had to go into them to produce the quality. Now it seems like money goes in but really where is the quality.

Apple is about many things but Change for the better used to be is One of Them

I can’t help but feel all those who thought Apple was lost when Tim Cook took over were right. He had a good run in the beginning as Steve Jobs left him with a great slew of products. However, it couldn’t last forever and hasn’t. There are now more complaints than ever levied at a company that seems to have lost its way.

From the price being too high, notches and faulty keyboards, the Apple tax isn’t buying what it used to. As sales drop, they make their profits by ever increasing their cash cow products and one has to wonder where this will stop.

Hopefully Sept 10 will be more than what is expected but we don’t have long to wait and see now. Analysts will be quick to jump on this as people are rightly so skittish. Here’s to the day though as it is important.

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