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Screen Protectors using Liquid: Proceed with Caution

by Kerry Dawson

The popularity of the Infinity Display on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the in screen finger print reader is leading to the use of Screen Protectors that use liquid adhesive to cement the screen protector to the device. The display’s sharp curve and the ultra-sonic finger print reader require a different approach to adhere the protectors so that the ultra-sonic finger print reader works.

The Ultra-Sonic Finger Print Reader

The Ultra-Sonic finger print reader is a very cool piece of advanced technology. Unfortunately it is at a stage in which any air found between the protector and the screen prevent the lock from working. This is problematic.

Protectors based on film don’t have this problem but at the same time they are not as protective nor do they feel as nice as the all glass protectors. To solve the problem for Tempered Glass protectors, vendors have turned to liquid adhesive for the protector. If you apply the protector perfectly, you will have no problems and will have a nicely protected, tempered glass protector working on your phone.

The Problem

There’a a serious downside to these protectors however. If you don’t apply the liquid cement perfectly you could damage your phone. Specifically, if glue were to get into the speaker housing it will affect sound quality.

On smartwatches, the glue could easily get into the crown and if that happens the crown won’t work as intended. You could easily ruin a good device.

The Solution

If you want to ensure you don’t make a mistake and this impossible, I would recommend using film protectors even with their downsides. Your screen will be protected but you will not put your phone at risk.

Film has been around for a long time and it will do the job. It doesn’t feel as nice when you apply your hand to screen, but you won’t be taking chances of ruining your new device.

You could go without any kind of protection but I don’t think this is wise. The screen most definitely will get scratched. It could even break during a fall. Although film protectors are not nearly as strong as tempered protectors they are definitely better than nothing. Finally, your in screen finger print reader will work flawlessly.

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