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The Potential Return of Apple Past

by Kerry Dawson

Apple successfully delivered their fall presentation of things to come and I was pleasantly surprised. I saw an Apple humbled and trying to bring back its past glory days. The smoke and mirrors of Apple of late seems to have given way to an Apple that did seem to be customer centric. I didn’t have this painful feeling it was all about making Apple rich at our expense.

Starting with…

Apple started their show presenting Apple Arcade. Not being a gamer this didn’t interest me in the least. However, what I did take note of was the service seemed, for the gamers out there, reasonable in concept and price. This is not something one associates with Apple anymore but I thought well let’s keep watching.

The Series 5 Apple Watch

This product line has been a big hit for Apple since they came across healthcare and the watches potential. All good products need a killer application to propel them on. Apple found this in healthcare.

Combine that with the Series 4 which was a solid piece of hardware and they had a winner. I was however taken with the series 5 of the watch. First, Apple showed three videos of how the watch saved (literally) these three people’s lives by alerting to the fact that something was wrong. This struck me as an Apple truly interested in people and not just the bottom line though of course business being business it doesn’t hurt to note these kind things.

There was something in the presentation that was grabbing me and the rest was to come with the iPhone.

iPhone is Evolving

When the iPhone 11’s turn came for presentation, I was seeing a recalcitrant Apple praising the phone but not denying the fact that they are only catching up. Further, they dropped the price on the iPhone 11 and kept the pricing the same on the Pro models. We’ve had not just price creep during the last five years but astounding price increases that put the iPhone in a price league of its own. We’re loosing sales so let’s just charge a crazy amount for the iPhone XS and XS Max.

This wasn’t the case this time. The prices held firm where they were and one was even dropped in price. There was no trying to make the competition not worthy but in fact an indirect acceptance that they are the ones playing catch up. There was nothing about the iPhones that we don’t already have in say the Samsung s10 however, it’s what we have wanted in our iPhones so I’m very glad it’s here.

Apple was delivering powerful, useful phones that when combined with the watch presented quite the value proposition without having to run down the competition. People knew Apple was in catch up mode however it was just nice not to have them pretend this wasn’t the case. A sort of humble Apple – for a change.

Is the iPhone 11 a good phone. Yes and combined with the watch you have a dynamite duo. This isn’t to pretend this is a cheap proposition but its nice to finally not be brainwashed into thinking such is not the case. If you buy the phone you’re getting a good phone but not a cheap phone. It can do everything you want and then some but the prices didn’t go up.

And finally Apple is leveraging AppleTV + but at a very Affordable Price

Finally it looks like we’re getting AppleTV + but at a very affordable price at $4.99 a month. This will rollout slowly across the fall and I expect will evolve nicely into a must have service.

With all he other content available it will grow increasingly difficult to find the time to watch what you like. However, tools are being built into the service to help with this. An Apple that is customer centric has been able to pull this off in the past and it looks like they will rise to the occassion once again.

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