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Let the Applications determine Your System

by Kerry Dawson

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So many people these days have forgotten that it is what you are trying to do that should dictate your system of choice. Often when I watch a Youtuber demo a product I notice that I rarely see anyone describe a problem that they are tyring tp resolve. As an example, if the person was trying create some kind relational system or database they might be hard pressed to do this with Android.

Further, although many applications are cross platform (run on Android and Apple) many are not. If you are devoted to an application you have used in IOS for quite a period and it’s not available in Android, you might find an app like it but you may never feel satisfied.

The Application or Software should be the Driver of your Platform

As an IOS person and a full on Apple person for years I decided to try Android. Although I liked it, there was some software that never made its way to Android. Yes, Android was fun and slightly less expensive but in reality because I was fussing too much with the phone it was overall more expensive.

On return to IOS I realized that just having the software I knew work for me again was more than satisfying and I was far more.productive. Gone was the lost time trying to work around the software that I needed. So I was still able to resolve my application problem but the software I used was more appropriate for me.

Cross Platform is likely the Solution but till then….

There’s a bit of a catch 22 going on as the Android phones are coming into their own and a lot of people who didn’t pick them up are. However, although most platforms are receiving equal treatment they at the same time aren’t. IOS still commands the best software. If you’ve use this device with your Apple equipment for a period of time, there might be something interesting about Android but it will inevitably frustrate with respect software.

A couple of pieces of powerful software as an example don’t look like they will go Android anytime soon. As an example, OmniFocus a complex but powerful task manager remains only on the Apple platform. DEVONthink an extremely powerful Notes oriented Database system that can do so much is only Apple. If you’ve learned either these, you’ve spent a lot of time plus you have a lot of functionality that is hard to replicate in Android.

Let the Applications Dictate

Often we’re inundated with stats and specs and nothing about what the user does or needs to do and the software they use. When choosing your platform the first thing that should be asked is what software do I need/want to use and what is it I’m trying to accomplish. This form of analysis will lead you to the platform that is best for you.

If you are software agnostic, then looking at Android is viable for the price and operation it might offer. However, if you are
doing something that requires certain software that only runs on the Apple platform, that is what to use. Trying to conform yourself to your platform is going to be an exercise in futility and very time consuming.

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