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The iPhone Pro Max: Heavy but with a Great Battery

by Kerry Dawson

Between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max there really is very minimal differences one being size and weight. The iPhone 11 is a 6.1” display at 194 grams and the Pro Max is a hefty 228 grams and a 6.5” display. The tradeoff for weight with the latter is greater battery life possibly up to an additional five hours.

Yes, on the Pro Max the screen is a top notch Amoled panel and is stunning to look at. It does have that one extra camera for closeups that some may find very beneficial. Finally, in terms of the body, it is a very refined chassis with frosted glass surround by stainless steel. However, 228 grams is quite the handful.

Regardless, there are more similarities say between the Max and the iPhone 11 than there are differences. However, in Canadian dollars you will save another $540.00 from the Max. Further, to upgrade the memory you can’t just go to 128 gig storage as you can on the iPhone 11 for $70 but actually have to go to 256 gig for around another $210 making this one very expensive phone.

The iPhone 11 is Right On for Most People

Although the iPhone 11 has an LCD panel not nearly of the resolution of the Max you’d be hard pressed to see the differences. Yes, the panel is that good.

You can easily and reasonably increase your storage to 128 gigs which I would recommend in this day and age. If nothing else, it’s a great insurance policy going forward.

Finally, as for the cameras the one that is most beneficial is the wide angle camera. This is the one on the iPhone 11. It increases flexibility and provides breath-taking wide angle photos.

A Powerhouse 0f a Device

Looking at the internals of all three devices the stuff that counts is basically all the same. The iPhone 11 series is outfitted with an A13 processor and 4 gigs of memory and a base of 64 gigs of storage space. These phones are powerhouses. Yes, the minimum should now start at 128 gigs but at least we see Apple finally heading in the right direction.

All the phones have excellent cameras and they have beefed up their camera specs. It’s now starting to get absurd seeing the Youtubers constantly comparing the most nitty gritty of camera operation when they are all so good.

Some things such as selfies or slowfies are a whatever. What’s important is just how good the phones are at taking even these kind of pictures.

They are all now built to last. Performance has gotten to a point where it is not just good enough it has gone into the beyond. Today’s devices, whether Android or IOS are all fantastic. A bad phone is just hard to find.

It’s about Applications; the Software

What distinguishes an iPhone or for that matter your complete compute environment is what you are doing with it. For some, the ability to have applications that can run across their platforms is what it’s all about.

For others it is quality of the applications or the way they interact with them that is all important. We have collectively lost our way on this front. For some reason we just don’t get it anymore. Software is the enabler of what we’re doing whereas the platform is the deliverer. They work hand in hand.

A Concentration on Software

It’s time to put the genie back in the box. A device isn’t useful without excellent software. Hardware is essential to smooth performance but it is useless without software. Our software is doing so much for us. However, sometimes we let the genie out of the bottle.

Further there are those of nefarious ways who would like access to what we do as there is a whole new breed of criminal; one that can enrich themselves without getting anywhere near the crime scene.

Putting it altogether

Over the next while I will try to put this together so that it makes logical sense. Cross platform isn’t just a nice catch phrase but is a reality that enables competitiveness, cost effectiveness and the best tool for the job.

There are somethings Android is very good at. That goes for the iPhone. Some software is just hardware agnostic. It simply needs to run.

Fan boys the Greatest Impediment

Fan boys can be very well intentioned while at the same time they can introduce crazy amounts of confusion. The world will be more system agnostic. When you join a group it won’t matter whether you’re running this or that as long as it is using the right software.

The days of the wicked iPhone are over. Face facts – Apple has no vested interest in anything but open systems. They of course want you on an iPhone. They would love to control the infrastructure. But beyond them it’s too much to do alone. Partnering is the only way to make this work.


An open systems environment benefits all. Applications and software are the key. Hardware is reaching a new level of capability that software can’t keep up with and vice-a-versa .If common software could run seamlessly on the users system of choice then costs will be contained and fluidity will occur. There is no one right piece of hardware. Software though has to get it right and then we can work together. Communications and all that entails will be order of the day.

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