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Which iPhone 11 Should You Get

by Kerry Dawson

IPhone 11 s

Not long ago, there were not that many iPhones to choose between. Further, their prices were substantially less that they are today. Apple currently sells the:

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

In addition, there are different storage configurations along with colour options. Some choices are made on personal preference whereas other choices are based on need plus preference. Then there’s your budget. All these things need to be weighed as these phones are not inexpensive and the mistake people often make is changing too frequently. They don’t allow their devices a proper depreciation schedule and to do that you need something that will fit your needs and last for around three years forward.

For the purposes of this article, we are just going to look at the new line of devices Apple has delivered – the iPhone 11 series. There is more than enough to look at here in helping to assess your best choice.

Choosing Wisely

In some ways we are just so influenced by reviewers, friends and what we think we need as opposed to what we need there is often a mismatch. This can lead to over buying as you seek out that perfect unit.

Right at the beginning, I’m going to start with the assumption that we do need a Smartphone in today’s world or at least it will add substantially to convenience. It is not a peripheral, nice to have item any longer but rather tech has become a completely integral component of our society. We really could not function that well without some level of access to the resources of say the net.

Again, for the purposes of this article we are not going to consider Android as an option as that is left to a different discussion. Again, we are simply going to try to make heads or tails of the iPhone 11 series.

As noted above there are three primary devices in the line with a variety of colour options and storage options. The colour option is simply a personal preference but if you’re set on red then you will have to get an iPhone 11.

In the decision for a device you will have to weigh:

  • need as it relates to functionality
  • activity (e.g. Photography etc)
  • applications used
  • Budget

To start with, if you have a very tight budget, you may have look no farther than the iPhone 11 64 gig. However, if you have room to play around with then you can more clearly match phone to need.

The Devices

All of the devices have some very significant things in common. They all use the same processor (the A13). Their base storage is the same (64 gig) and the lenses for the cameras are the same. They all run the same OS and other than size and weight they basically look the same if you don’t consider colour.

However, there are differences but they are more subtle than you may think. Further, there is quite a change in price depending on the device.

The device’s difference vary in size, colour, weight and the number of cameras they support. The iPhone 11 is:

  • 6.1”
  • LCD panel
  • 194 grams
  • Aluminum frame only
  • A choice of eight colours
  • And two lenses
    • An ulta-wide
    • And regular width

While the iPhone 11 Pro’s are both:

  • AMOLED panels
  • Aluminum frames encase by a border of stainless steel
  • 4 colours
  • 3 lenses
    • An ulta-wide
    • And regular width
    • Close-up

While the Max is:

  • 6.5 inch display
  • 228 grams

Vs the iPhone 11 pro at

  • 5.8 inch panel
  • 188 grams

Finally your prices vary on each phone as follows:

  • iPhone 11 is $699 USD
  • iPhone 11 Pro is $999 USD
  • iPhone 11 Max is $1099 USD


If you are very budget conscious then you’ll likely want the iPhone 11 and ultimately you’re not giving much up except a closeup lense and a design difference. However, you do have your choice of up to eight collours and maybe you just love red. The red you can only get in an iPhone 11.

However, if you’re not budget conscious then you can really consider any of the three. In this though you’ll have to look at the subtle differences to determine which is right for you.

Choosing based on subtle Differences

Photo image

If you are majorlyj into photography and want the best choice of phone to deliver a range of photos you’ll then need one of the iPhone 11 pros that have three cameras. Once you’ve decided it needs to be a pro device you have to consider the screen size vs dimensions and weight.

If you really love that big screen, immersive effect when you look at your phone and the dimensions and weight don’t matter then you’ll want the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, it’s important to consider the weight and dimesion difference carefully. The Max is more difficult to handle as it is large but it is a very heavy phone at 228 grams. You might not think this is much over say the 5.8” pro but after an hour long phone call your hand will tell you it is. For many people 228 grams is just too much for that immersive effect. They would rather have an easier to handle phone that they can slip into a pocket and not notice.

Determining whether you go for one pro over another is possibly as simple as it really doesn’t matter or I know I just want an easy to manage phone. Otherwise, you have to go to a store and actually try these devices to see if it does matter. Likely, this will tell you but you still might make a mistake and know this once you get the phone home. At this point, if you know you have something that doesn’t suit you change it quickly for one that does.

The iPhone 11 Series

The iPhone 11 series is more a case of Apple just refining the device than any drastic change. For most an upgrade from the previous generation makes no sense. However, if you were coming from a 6, 6s, 7 or even an 8 series you will find significant benefit the further you go back in time.

Apple is doing well with this series as it is nicely refined and the initial cost point is more palatable. For many their budgets will be strained though with either of the pro devices. Apple needs to work on getting the costs of these devices down to something more reasonable and justifiable.

Regardless, with the release of IOS 13 and the changes and refinements to the iPhone 11’s, you will have an excellent phone and a good experience using one of them. With careful thought you can get a phone to meet your needs and not bust the bank. Should you choose an iPhone 11 iteself regardless of budgetary requirements and even though the device uses an LCD panel you will not have gone wrong. The panel is superb and it is an incredibly powerful phone. Add to it a colour you really like and you have a winner.

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