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by Kerry Dawson

Macbook Pro 16 enlarged

For many they didn’t really know Apple seemed to be pulling itself out of its core business. With the explosion of iPhone sales and a large portion of their profitability coming out of this area, they started to drop the ball on their most important asset: THE MAC.

Apple has slowly been pulling away from the Mac for quite some time now. They haven’t been listening to their users for far too long and thus by the end of 2018 had quite the disgruntled user community. These though are the pillars of what has made Apple great. These users were so happy with their Macs they stuck with Apple through thick and thin. However, everyone has a breaking point and Apple was reaching that with a very loyal and devoted set of customers.

Fortunately for Apple they recognized this non too late. They began listening to their users instead of simply dictating and in that listening they heard some very important things.

The iMac Pro the Beginnings of a Turnaround

Apple had started to fall behind the high end graphics market when they were the first to lay an important infrastructure to support these users. After the bombing of the Mac Pro (the one referred to as the trash can) just a couple of years earlier they introduced the Mac Book Pro probably Apple’s best consumer computer.

The computer was powerful, a delight to use and had a pricing structure that met many needs. The unit went over extremely well. Even those who wrote for a living were choosing Mac Pros to do this on as the machine was simply so reliable.

From this, many peripheral products were spawned all supported by this rugged core. Although the iPhone started getting its own criticism based on price and some performance gaps, nothing could take away how embedded the unit worked with everything else. A synergy of systems was evolving and this synergy was not more complex but less.

The Revival of the Macbook Pro

However, things took a turn for the worse with the introduction of the Macbook Pro 2016. First, the Mac Pro introduced late 2013 to early 2014 was decidedly a dud. Then the Macbook Pro, something people attested to was fraught with problems.

The thermos of the unit were a disaster causing the fans to run frequently and throttling the potential of the CPU. Finally, the keyboard called a butterfly keyboard was a dud. Apple had one of the industry’s best keyboards and they replaced it with a keyboard few liked. It made a lot of noise; there was no key movement of any sort and it collected Paris737 making it very prone to failure. Apple tried to rectify this through three iterations of the keyboard but no one was happy.

Finally, with the Macbook Pro 2016 it looks as if they’ve addressed to a degree the throttling issue and most assuredly the keyboard. Where at one time Apple only received praise they were now the subject of scorn. If it wasn’t for their ecosystem people would have left in the droves. The new Macbook Pro though will go a long way to once again raise the status of Apple’s laptops as it already is (the reviews are so far very good).

The New Mac Pro: A return to the Past

Apple introduced the successor to the Mac Pro this summer which interestingly was built upon a lot of the previous Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro, expected to be delivered in December, has been designed to take on the powerhouse of graphics art at a far more affordable price. If Apple is able to pull this off it will be a major win. The new Mac tower promises to be a very high powered, modular system bringing forth a range of Paris737 equipment.

Apple’s flow seems promising. The old Mac Pro commonly referred to as the trash can was a disgrace. It wasn’t long before the iMac could outpace the unit. With the introduction of the iMac Pro the days of the trash can were over though it held a spot on the shelf.

The new Mac Pro with its modular design promises to take on the big powerhouses that are used by movie studios to produce graphics cinema but the cost will be far better. The Mac Pro actually straddles a pile of price ranges and could even be considered a unit at the low end that is affordable for not only the big graphics powerhouses but the more modest. This range of modularity holds tremendous promise.

A Revamped iMac Pro

IMAC Pro converted

Finally, the iMac Pro is over two years old. There is talk of a refresh of this system. I feel the iMac Pro is the best computer that Apple has ever produced. If you are a desktop user primarily and can go the little clip from the top of the line iMac you will be doing yourself a great favour choosing this machine.

The thermals of the iMac Pro have been completely redesigned producing a computer in which the fans rarely run. Having a computer which is so powerful and quiet is a delight to use. If you are a writer you will appreciate the lack of distraction as you just use your machine in quiet.

Bodes Well for the Future

Apple produces the best computers and have since the beginning. They have always had great design, intuitive operation and flexibility. People prided themselves in owning a Mac.

There have been a few rough years of late as Apple seemed to have lost their direction somewhat. They stopped listening and stared producing products that might still have looked great but lacked where function was an issue.

They are listening again and coming out with some pretty nifty product. I expect the trend will continue. The Mac is so much a part of Apple’s DNA. It would have been a terrible loss if they had really stumbled. A Mac is a Mac is a Mac. It has been and will be again a fantastic computer. Apple seems to be finding their way back along the yellow brick road.

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