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The Apple Watch comes of Age

by Kerry Dawson

Apple watchWhen Apple introduced the Apple watch most pooh poohed it as an expensive, fanccy toy with a little screen having what value? For the first three iterations or series the Apple watch really didn’t sell that well and other than a Dick Tracey mindset for it people lacked the perceived benefit necessary for it to take on a useful role.

However, with Series four that changed. As with all things it just needed the right app to jump start it and Apple found that in it being used as an adjunct to managing one’s medical requirements.

The Medical App Jumpstarts Apple Watch Sales

Till this point, the smartwatch in general was being used successfully to help manage activities such as walking and excercize. However, when Apple introduced a medical app to help monitor one’s heart and to assist with taking medication around heart function they hit upon a winner app. The usefulness of this was seen almost immedicately and sales started their upward climb.

In addition, the watch had matured. It now came with larger screens, more apps and very easy to use integration with the Smartphone. As such, not only were people beginning to see the usefulness of the watch around medical, but they found they could monitor all manner of things including their stock values, calendar and task manager. You could in fact answer a call on the watch and it sounded as good as talking on the phone.

By enabling the right app, other apps and their functionality were discoverable and in the discovery there was significant value. No longer did you need to weild out an iPhone just to check a notication, a message or any other such activity. The iPhone lost no value yet it’s value was enhanced via a highly integrated watch.

The Watch is a Looker to Boot

Apple, as they are known for, had a fantastic, premium design simply with its regular aluminum brand watch. On top of that they introduced speciality designs at a higher price for those that wanted this. That which started out as questionable now is a winner.

It is a fantastic device for assisting with potentially problematic medical stuff. In fact, it has alerted people to potential negative scenarios. Who knows when the person would have become aware but the Smartwatch enhanced this process. It is not meant to be a replacement for a good doctor but anything that can assist with a diagnostic profile earlier than latter enhances the chance of a positive outcome. I personally have found the watch extremely beneficial to this process. Things that I was unaware of or overlooked were later highlighted by a visit to the doctor.

Whether one can become too overly self conscious when diagnosing a problem remains to be seen. So far, I think getting a head start on a medical problem is beneficial for a variety of reasons one being it prevents the disease from entrenching itself. There is though the downside of becoming hypochondriacal with devices like this.

A well Rounded out Line

Apple’s stock is getting a breath of renewed life to the party to do with the success the watch is enjoying. The watch is not a nice to have product. Watches themselves are more than that and for most people they are a must have item.

Traditionally, the watch tells the time which society runs on. Everything done and everything we do revolves around time. However, if you can add real value to the watch in terms of enhanced functionality, it’s need to be moves more to the must have category. Whether it’s the Apple watch or a competitors, as there is nothing magical in the Apple name, the watch has taken on a new role after eons of just telling the time.

Health and medical are two signifcant applications that can be provided through the watch. It’s nice that it can show you your reminders, calendar and other such things but they are not critical. The watch is something that you have on you regardless of place. This gives it a special place in being able to locate you especially if you’re having a medical emergency. Often minutes determine life or death outcomes. This is one of the significant aspects the Apple Watch provides and as such it has become a winner in this world of tech.

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Peter November 3, 2019 - 5:08 pm

I like the fact that it asks if you need help if you have fallen. As baby boomers age this attribute could be very useful.

Kerry Dawson November 3, 2019 - 8:37 pm

Yes. Just this aspect of the medical app has gotten the watch sales off the ground. Apple needed this as their iPhone sales drop.


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