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Apple Watch vs the Fossil Carlyle Watch

by Kerry Dawson

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As I noted in this article “The Apple Watch comes of Age” although I was referencing the Apple watch in particular, I really wanted to say the Smartwatch has come of age. They are not only nifty in their function but they are incredibly practical. In some ways, they are merely an adjunct to your phone but in other ways they stand on their own providing you with relevant information easily at the moment.

In this article, I will consider the value of a Smartwatch generally and the use of the Apple Watch for Apple users and the Fossil watch for IOS or Android users. Firstly though, don’t let anyone let you think that the Fossil watch is somehow lesser than the Apple as it isn’t and in many ways is much nicer but more on that in a bit.

The Smartphone was a Game Changer

The Smartphone was truly a game changer where it came to providing us relevant information and remaining in touch. It now has become a computer in your hand allowing you not only to look up useful material but to actually produce work. Information obtained on your smartwatch might be very relevant to a project you’re working and can thus be dealt with quickly. Yes, there are all the fun and games that come with the Smartwatch but it’s ability to be a true adjunct in the computing arena cannot be underestimated.

Something as simple as knowing the weather for the day without reaching for your phone can lead to decisions as to what your day will look like. Immediate access to stock information might allow you to make an important investment call you wouldn’t have made if you had to reach for your phone.

The Smartphone remains the workhorse in the equation but the watch is becoming an important adjunct. In this crazy, high speed information based society, such tools can keep us rolling at too high a speed or actually allow us to slow down and take a breath knowing things are under control.

The Computer Remains as the Central Cog

In this picture it must always be remembered that the computer plays the number one role in allowing us to get things done. However, all these devices are powered by computer chips and the thing that differentiates one from the other is simply scaleability (how big can it get; how fast and what can it do).

The glue that binds everything together now are our ubiquitous networks and cloud servers. The ability to sync between systems and interconnect everything is critical to the whole.

SmartWatch as an Obvious Purchase

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The Smartwatch with its capabilities is an obvious purchase. It frees you up from less mobile devices and can allow you to make better decisions faster.

The title of this article was “the Apple Watch vs the Fossil Carlyle Watch”. All Smartwatches got off to a rocky start. Now many consider the Apple watch to be the one to catch up to as OS Wear has been slow to keep pace. I would beg to differ though. The Carlyle gives Android folk a highly efficient watch, good looking and in ways an easier to use watch than the Apple watch for less money. The Fossil having a round face with either the black band or the dark brown strap is also very elegant such as in evening wear. I would not wear my Apple Watch out to an evening event as it looks too post industrial for my likes.

Fossil is using the new Intel 3100 chipset and Wear OS for a flawless and fluid experience. It’s a delight to swipe left to be presented with your key tiles for such things as the weather, timers and your agenda. Swipe down and you have your entire System Preference pane in front of you. Swipe up for you messages and swipe right and get greeted by a “Good Morning” followed by the date and day plus other important things. Four swipes and there you have it.

On the Fossil, the Crown is your access to the full workings of the device including setting preference, adding apps and customizing watch faces.

The Apple Watch a Tech Marvel

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The Apple watch is simply the one to beat. It is no slouch and provides access to hundreds of watch faces. It is fast and fluid and can be paired easily to you iPhone giving you access to a large bevy of applications. My four favourite apps are the weather, what’s due, the stock market and timers. Then I find the heart app (available Fossil), messages, agenda and my task list valuable. Some things though are just definitely better done on the iPhone due to the screen real estate and that goes for the entire ecosystem. Each device has it’s unique but apparent role that suits it well.

However, there is no getting around that a Smartwatch has value that*** I failed to recognize*** in the early days. Now having used them for around a year I could not use just a simple watch under any circumstances. It provides a freeing experience wherein being glued to your Smartphone is not necessary. When you need it you will know you need it thus helping break a vicious addiction to the Smartphone.

All in all a Smartwatch can round out you compute environment. It assists with simply telling time to communication through to those apps you specifically would find important.

What is important is not to get caught up in the Apple vs Android debate as it is a pure waste of time. Choose your watch more on the style you’re looking for. If you choose an Android, and there are many models to choose from make sure it is equipped with the 3100 chipset to ensure a good experience.

This advice goes with the Apple also. Having the latest tech in each frees you to concentrate on the style that suits you.


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There is nothing wrong with having both types of watch if this is what you’d like. However, if money is an issue and provided the Fossil runs the apps that you like, then I’d buy this as it is a nice looking watch that looks like a watch and runs on both Android and IOS. I don’t like that Apple dictates you have to use their watch with an Apple only device. Further, if the style of the watch just doesn’t suit me, I want to be able to freely choose that which does and how it will work.

The watches are eventually likely going to be able to run without a phone and this will be fantastic. Currently you have to carry the phone with the watch. Soon this won’t be necessary. At that point there will be no need to make a decision as to which is best. You might go along to advise which you thinks looks nice on the individual. This is the way it should be and with that we’ll start to get back to basic human interaction something that is rapidly being lost in the current milieu.

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