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Saving a few Dollars at Best Buy’s Marketplace and Geek Squad Products

by Kerry Dawson

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This applies to a number of products but for the purposes of this article I am just going to address tech. This little tip applies to Bestbuy only but when I’m looking for a Smartphone of any make I always check Bestbuys unlocked phone section first. There, between Bestbuy’s own product provided through the Geek squad or the larger Marketplace, you can save yourself a few dollars.

Buying Open Box

Bestbuy frequently has sales but unless what I’m looking for is on sale I always check their Openbox area in a search. Generally, I refine the search at to Open Box and Bestbuy to see what they have. If I can’t find what I want I broaden the search to include Marketplace sellers.

Frequently I find a number of items I’m looking for and with good savings, Flagship phones have gotten very ezpensive so if there is a way to save a bit I look for it, Openbox unlike refurbished is a new phone basically in which the box has just been opened and this can net a nice return.

More than one Method to save but…..

There is more than one method to save but what I like about this is Bestbuy stands behind the sales even of Marketplace. Should you want to return something the Bestbuy product is the easiest but they back the Marketplace product also.

These days there are so many choices and variety of product the ability to return it is necessary. Until you actually are using a product you might not know whether it will fit your needs. Thus for this reliability of either return or exchange this approach appeals to me the most while at the same time I generally save a few dollars.

As an example, with the Samsung s10 + I have saved close to $500 where with an iPhone the savings have been more to the tune of $100 to $300. I however view it that every little penny counts only because something such as the phone has become incredibly expensive. Although there are many more items than just a phone I wanted to give you but one idea of how you might save a little money.

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