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The Keyboard is King on the Sixteen Inch MacBook Pro

by Kerry Dawson

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There is much to like about Apple’s new sixteen Inch Macbook Pro but for writers there is no question the new Keyboard is King. This Keyboard is actually a return to times past. Before the introduction of the Butterfly keyboard on the 2016 Macbook, Apple used to have the best keyboards in the industry. However, that reputation was quickly lost with the introduction of the new style keyboard.

A Touch Typist’s Delight

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One of the key activities anyone does with a computer is input to the device. It can be used for a variety of things but for the writer it quickly took the place of a typewriter. The computer was absolutely ideal for the art of writing allowing all kinds of flexible changes. People began writing eveything on their computer.

For the touch typist a good keyboard is absolutely essential. Those trained in formal art of keyboarding or typing absolutely must have a good computer keyboard. They do not look at the keyboard while typing but rather learn using muscle memory what keys to strike without looking. This allows for great speed and accuracy enhancing the flow of words and thought.

The Macbook Pro’s reintroduction of a great keyboard is wonderful. There is a tremendous amount to like about the device but I thought it important to highlight this one game changing features. For all those who want a good keyboard now this is the device to get. Better still, the keyboard needs to be implemented on all the other Macbooks as soon as possible. For now though this change is gladly received and it shows Apple is getting back on the right path.

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