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We’ve always Loved Music

by Kerry Dawson

Apple music moniker

Through time and through all societies music has dominated and portrayed and/or defined our cultural norms. Music might have been transmitted in a tribal ceremony, via a theatrical convention or a modern technology like the radio. Regardless it has always permeated all corners of society. It both expresses who we are and defines who we are and will be.

Never a Better Time for Listening to Music

We have enjoyed music through two mediums primarily in modern times. The concert remains a mainstay institution of entertainment and then theres’s our technological boxes which at first converted analogue signals and now takes the digital and turns it into music.

Digital now represents the bulk of music playback but some still prefer to play their music in an analogue form thus the revival of the turntable. It doesn’t seem long ago turntables and very intelligent turntables were everywhere. They have been replaced though by other means of music transmission such as the CD/DVD, streaming and of course access to our music through such devices as the iPod/iPhone and a multitude of systems like Sonos. Our music is crisp, clear and distortion free.

Three Major Players Plus Many from the Old School to the New

When we think of digital music it is not necessarily represented by any player in particular. However what of course comes to mind is Sonos, Apple, Amazon and Google a part of the new a crop of new players to the music industry. Radio dominated most of the 20th century in analogue form.

There are of course the famous systems like Bose, Bang and Olufsen and many others who have made the conversion to digital. Of nterest though is they made the switch as this is where it is at. However, these new players are doing much to shake up the whole industry.

The Services are Skyrocketing

Additionally, we have all the services to provide music of any type, any where at any time. Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Prime and Apple music all come to mind. This is a thriving industry and one wonders how big can it grow and where will it take us.

Music at it’s Best

Digital music is ensconsed in the fabric of our culture now as is music. We must not forget the video services like the AppleTV which brings us music as part of the genre of film. From there, many great pieces have been born.

The quality of music as diseminated by our systems has never been so great. We take these systems for granted now when it was only a few short years ago analogue was the mainstay of music transmission.

For the afficionado the quality of their music has not declined. These people will still spend a lot on their systems. However, the masses now have access to high quality sound without the huge price tag of the past.

Tech continues to expand and permeate even the fabric of society that goes as far back as we know of it through written records. This aspect of tech belies the good that can come from it unlike the part in which people become addicted to games, gadgets and texting.

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