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Further Pressure for Apple to provide just one Charging Standard

by Kerry Dawson

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Apple’s computers and iPads use the USB C standard for connectivity and charging. The iPhone however, uses the lightening cable introduced by Apple for their products. Lightening was at the time great for speed and could be inserted in the socket in either direction. At the time, this was a real plus and a whole industry of accessory makers evolved around lightening.

Apple’s Product Line has Converted to Type C except for the iPhone

Type C connection is an industry standard that provides all the benefits of Lightening and then some. Lightening connection can travel up to ten gigabits per second however, USB-type C Thunderbolt is rated for as high as 40 gigabits per second. In addition, like Lightening the cord can be inserted in either direction.

The industry as a whole has standardized on USB-C. Additionally, all of Apple’s products now employ the standard except for the iPhone. Numerous users are pushing for Apple to convert their iPhones as this would reduce the cables that would be needed and the kinds of chargers.

The European Union

The European union has just announced that they are likely to enforce this standard on Apple for a completely different reason. They are concerned about the waste and landfill these products are taking up. There is a demand to reduce this as quickly as possible.

As stated in “BBC News – Apple may have to abandon Lightning connector cable“. They note that a massive “51,000 tonnes of waste per year” is generated by electronic waste.

Concern but Wireless Might be the Future Regardless

Apple is quite concerned about suddenly being forced to switch to the USB-C standard quickly. However, this might not prove to be a problem as there are rumours Apple is thinking about getting rid of all their ports and going 100 percent wireless. If this were the case, there may indeed be no problem. However, the issue depends on how fast they will be expected to make the switch.

Apple has done a great job of late listening to their consumer base and delivering more of what the consumer wants than what Apple just wants. As such, 2019 proved a very fruitful year for the company. This is yet just another “listening to the customer scenario” to bring about a more logical connectivity strategy for the iPhone. The only difference here is the European union may demand action in addition. It is more than likely though Apple will be able to step up to the plate and deliver something that is not only good for that which the consumer wants but that of the European union.

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