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IOS v13.3.1 Update

by Kerry Dawson

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True to Apple form, Apple released IOS v13.3.1 yesterday. This was a general rollout to all Apple users. The substance of the upgrade had little to with adding any features and primarily to do with wringing the final bugs out of IOS 13.

IOS v13 was very Buggy

IOS v13 was one of Apple’s buggiest software releases. It was commonly considered having been released at least two weeks too soon. Considering the number of releases Apple has had for v13 two weeks is likely an optimistic view.

This release assists with battery drain, a third party keyboard bug plus some other things. v13 brought to the table a very nice new OS. However, with it came bugs. Fortunately Apple stepped up to the plate fast and users now have a top notch, reliable OS for their mobile devices.

With Increasing Functionality comes Increasing Complexity

It is almost impossible these days to make sure that high end, highly functional software is bug free. The reason is the complexity behind all the capability that is being delivered. Beta testers at one time were able to filter out most of the bugs.

Beta testers remain critical to the process but when our current software goes mainstream, it is probable bugs will be found. You could hold software back till the cows come home but bugs will still happen.

As long as the software companies we rely step up to the plate to correct the problems we will be alright. It does seem necessary though to set expectations so that disappointment doesn’t ensure.

Brandon Butch iOS 13.1.1 Released video from Youtube

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