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Moving Photos easily Cross Platform with Photosync

by Kerry Dawson

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Photosync is one of those lesser known but very functional apps that make moving photos and videos around, cross platform a breeze. You could always use a cloud service to sync or move your photos to a particular point but this might not be the quickest nor easiest solution to say getting a photo from you Android to your Mac.


Photosync moves your photos anywhere. If you have photos on your Android and want them on your Mac you just fire up photosync on both devices and sync. In no time, the photos are moved into a folder on your Mac.

So too does this work for Windows, or from IOS to anywhere or Android to anywhere.

If you say have just a few photos you want say in an ad, photosync will easily move those photos to where you want them and bang it’s done. There’s a place for photo managers but possibly not for just moving a few photos easily to a specific spot.

Straight Forward and Simple

It is easy for our computing environment to get incredibly complex. It may not seem that way but it can be when you look at something like Photosync which has a specific job and does it easily and well.

It is too easy for things to get very convoluted when we are trying to do something that is actually straight forward. The reason for this might be as simple as we aren’t aware of the app that makes the process so easy. There’s a set of photos and they have to be on a platform for some kind of use. Photosync will do this and do it well without failures and contortions to get it done. It is a very handy little application.

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