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Youmail Alternative Answering System for IOS and Android

by Kerry Dawson

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When you get your iPhone or Android phone, the first thing you do is get a telephone line to carry voice, data, Voicemail, text and etc etc. The line is your access to the world, friends and information. When someone calls though and you’re not there your voicemail takes over and records a message from the caller. Generally, we get this service from the supplier that provided our mobile service.

Youmail an Alternate VoiceMail Service

There is currently a very rich alternative voicemail service that we can get for our mobile phones called Youmail. Youmail runs as an app service on our mobile phones providing value add over that of the Telco. Utilizing an app very effectively on an Apple or Android phone, it provides yet another method to get at our information.

It is one thing to record our information but it is another thing to effectively retrieve it and in a timely fashion that makes sense. When someone asks “didn’t you receive my message the answer may be no.” Some people are very effective at staying of top of their information while others need a nudge here and there. Further, if the information is more bundled like anything more can be made of it from the simple yes I’ll join you for lunch or I’d love to attend that reception.

Youmail provides Advantages for Both Android and the iPhone but more so for the Android

When the iPhone was introduced it was introduced for a specific platform in a an advanced manner. With the iPhone voicemails are designed to be converted to text. There often isn’t the need to listen to a voicemail as you can ascertain quickly what is required. From there a task can easily be drawn up from the VM and added to your daily or weekly slew of tasks. However, from this, you can already see how information can be organized around tasks to get things done. With this model in hand, attention can be given to the essentials and work can be accomplished in a far more orderly way than if it had just been hammered at ad hoc.

Thus, a tool as simple and profond as text messaging can be streamlined enhancing the flow of work from the individual. This flow need not just define itself from the Android environment but can easily rest within the iPhone too.

Further, such things as your batteries will be maximized due to this added, efficient flow. Less things will be overlooked, fewer errors made and just the roundedness of an additionally effective workflow can ensue.


The price of the service can range from free to that of the individual/Home and a corporate tier service. An individual plan that is free comes with ads whereas an ad free service is $5.99 and up. For the purposes of this discussion, it is advisable that Youmail replace your local personal voicemail. It works like a charm. Whether you go free or pay you are still saving money but you are engaging in just a better level of service that will not require time commitments that are onerous.

Your service will also be very professional yet fun if you want it that way. You have your options in setting the service up how you want people to be greeted. There is a service which says hello then it draws from your addressbook the persons name and states your name and says so and so can’t take your call. My friends are all initially blown away by this and then leave their message.

You just have to read the transcribed messages and they are so well done it barely misses a word. This now becomes a time saver. The message can the be deleted from the transcribed message never requiring you to log on.

Best for Android; Great for IOS

I heartily recommend this product. I find it is best for Android being both cost effective and a time saver but even though the iPhone has a message centre, you will love it there too. It is a well thought out service that can be both serious and fun at the same time. I see no downside and a way of increasing your productivity without adding any burden.

Quick overview of the way the product works. It works just as advertised and gets the job done while being fun.

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