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Bose Soundsport Free Earbuds

by Kerry Dawson

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Everyone is always hearing about the Airpods and how fantastic they are. They certainly are good when paired with an iPhone and you can get them to control different aspects of what you’re doing but when it comes to sound quality the Bose Soundsport Free earbuds are the ones to beat.

All About top Notch Sound

When wired earphones left the scene, audiophiles were concerned about the loss in sound quality. There is definitely a loss in sound quality when you connect via bluetooth but a lot don’t hear it or don’t care. However, if you do, then you’ll want to get the Bose earbuds as they’re all about sound quality.

The controls Bose provides to control you Smartphone are a bit difficult to use. However, once you hear the sound from the Soundsport Free you will know why you’ve got Bose. Listening to the earphones the sound is as rich as rich can be covering all the tonal range.

As an example B&O are known for sound quality. However, if you listen with their EH5 to music then the Bose there is just no comparison. The Bose takes it by a long shot.

Ear Steadiness

Finally, on top of the great sound you have a pair of earbuds that are very steady in your ear. The wing tip that they design on to every pair of Bose keeps the buds solidly in your ear a problem with most other buds.

The loss of a bud due to unsteadiness in your ear is the loss of a fair bit of money. These things aren’t cheap. With these or any Bose you won’t have to worry about the loss of your earbuds as they just don’t fall out of the ear.

Music through your earbuds should be based on sound and not all the little magical things the buds can do by a wave of the hand. If you’re listening to music, it should be all about the music.

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