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iPhone 11 Series Reasonable relative to Samsung’s s20 Series

by Kerry Dawson

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Samsung’s new series of phones have made the iPhone 11 series look reasonable in price regardless whether it is the pro devices. Initially the pro devices looked outrageous. The reality is these phones are all pretty expensive. The Samsung s10 devices were slightly less than the iPhones and you got more for the money such as memory.

With the new pricing from Samsung, this is no longer the case. At the low end of their line the s20 is more expensive than the iPhone 11. The s20 + and s20 Ultra are comparable to the more expensive iPhone Pro models.

Samsung or Android lacks the Software Base

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The problem with the s20s is software. The Apple software base is rich and exciting. A lot of the good software is getting ported to Android but a lot is not. As long as the iPhone has the software which provides the hardware with value, Apple will lead the pack.

When an Android phone is less money and yet there is hardware value with certain software, Android is considered a viable buy. However, if you have to pay the same as an iPhone which fits seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, why would you buy a Samsung. Simply because the hardware might be a bit more robust than Apple’s is a poor reason. You need the software to provide value to the hardware.

Android does not run as smoothly as the iPhone. The s20 does but only because the devices have 12 megs of RAM, the 865 processor and a refresh rate of 120 MHZ. Yet, what value is this if you can’t run the software you need to run and can run on the iPhone.

Cross Platform is the way of the Future but it is not Here Fully

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Cross platform is happening. A lot of software works identically between Android and Apple or more specifically IOS. If something that is built cross platform can sync with the Mac it likely can sync from Android to the Mac.

However, a lot of high quality software is not available for Android yet. As an example, Omnifocus, DEVONthink, and software like editors such as Byword run in the Apple ecosystem solely. Some rely to a large extent on Omnifocus and though it should be cross platform if a team is to work together it’s not yet and the company has no intention currently on becoming cross platform. These things must be considered in the value proposition.

DEVONthink is another powerful app that isn’t cross platform. Some consider it the most powerful database style of Note taking software that exists. Users have been known to switch to the Mac just for access to this software. It would be desirable if DEVONthink to Go was built for Android as a gateway to the product but it isn’t.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t good quality cross platform software such as Evernote and Nimbus Note but this might not be considered powerful enough of a substitute. If you have a lot of you information built in DEVONthink the desire to change might not exist.

Thus, for now, if you’re going to pay Apple pricing for a Smartphone you’re best to get an iPhone. The iPhone might currently lag slightly on a few fronts but it is not worth losing access to such high quality software.

When Cross Platform is More of a Reality

When cross platform becomes more a reality it might be fine to see an Android priced at Apple pricing but not till then. Software is what makes a device worthwhile otherwise it is just good hardware. Unless Apple’s hardware were to become so bad that there is simply a no contest situation and you should buy an Android then for now Apple should remain the choice. Apple hardware is considered first rate in the industry. It may lag a touch for now but it is likely that the fall iteration of the device will put it on a par with Samsung or far ahead.

For now the exciting software rests in the Apple ecosystem. Some may reside on Android but it is not enough to warrant paying these high prices for a phone. In addition, people are getting very price conscious around smartphones as they have gone up so much over the last while. Further, the desire to switch out phones regularly is definitely falling off dramatically. It is just too expensive. For these reasons it is better to keep the high dollars with Apple if not even the more moderate.

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