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Is the Samsung s20 worth the Money

by Kerry Dawson

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Everyone thought Apple was expensive and then a long came Samsung with their s20 series. These are one expensive phones. They are on display currently in stores and they certainly look impressive. Then you take another look and realize they are too expensive. Yes, you could say they are a computer in your hands but are they. In the case of Android, it lacks a lot of the software available on the iPhone. They don’t make the best creation machines but they can do a lot. They have the power of a computer but they aren’t a computer.

People are Growing Price Weary

There is no secret to this fact that people are growing price weary. When Apple plopped down the iPhone Pro Max at around $1500 with extra memory, people reacted. Fortunately, there was the iPhone 11 an expensive device but not an outrageously expensive device. Also, you could still buy the XR which is more cost reasonable.

Apple got it when the XR sales flew off the shelves. It’s not that the iPhone 11 Pro didn’t sell but people had an option. When a phone becomes more than your rent you really have to question it.

Even though there are three phones in the s20 series they are all expensive. It’s just that the starting phone is not as obscene as the Ultra.

Finally, there’s still the lack of good quality software. It’s coming and will continue to come as the world is divided between Apple and Android and users need their software to talk to each other. You’re paying an arm and a leg for this stuff. Is this too much to ask.

S20 Sales will be Interesting

The Bill

There is more than one thing to like about this phone:

  • the screen is beautiful and is the best panel on the market
  • The 865 chipset makes the s20 a star performer
  • The 120 MHZ refresh rate turns your device into a buttery smooth powerhouse

These are the most salient features of the phone and for some they will just have to have the best. There is also a size of phone to meet varying needs from the s20 which is an ideal size and fits in your hand comfortably while delivering a panel that is gorgeous to the Ultra which probably is more for a professional.

Time will tell how these phones go over. If everything keeps moving to unbelievably priced phones to get good tools and operation, many will be locked out of good phones. It wasn’t long ago a top end phone could be had for well under a $1000 with budget phones available for a lot less money. These days are obviously gone.

When Google came out with its Pixel 3a a budget friendly phone that did almost what the Pixel did to much fanfare there seemed to be a ray of hope. The s20 series dashes that. If the consumer goes in and drops this kind of money for a “phone” well we are headed in one direction and it doesn’t seem to be a good one.

To have a phone that meets a niche requirement is more than acceptable but these aren’t phones designed to do that. They are phones designed for the mainstream and with the pressure to constantly upgrade plus these prices we should be sure to dampen our savings plan.

Samsung kept the s10 Series

Galaxy s10 corrective update 1559194728393

This was one very smart move by Samsung something which Apple has been doing for a while. Android phones are only now though becoming capable whereas Apple phones, even if they are a few generations old remain capable. With Apple you can truly buy the latest and greatest but also a previous generation which will be as robust as needed.

Not so with Android. Android technology is inferior from a hardware perspective. Certainly, the software is interesting and can do a great deal but the hardware is now only becoming robust enough to allow seamsless operation. Buying a previous Android may or may not be acceptable. It is only acceptable if you don’t mind a system which doesn’t run as smoothly as Apple nor provide the software.

The s20 could move things along on the Android front so that users are working with quality hardware that runs smoothly. Within a short while this will have percolated the ecosystem. It may also push software developers to build cross platform a smart move under any circumstance. Such movement can only benefit the Android user.

However, the upfront costs to get there are going to be steep. It might be necessary to remove once and for all this inferior to the Apple stigma Android enjoys. If this is the case, then it will be worth it long run and healthy competition will continue to exist.

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