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Samsung s20 Series about to Arrive on the Scene

by Kerry Dawson

The s20 is the next in Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones which are to be announced on February 11 2020. Previously referred to as the s11‘s, we now know the naming of the series of phones will be the s20 thought to be in line with the 2020’s.

Samsung‘s s10 series of phones proved very popular. In fact, they are considered so good that at current pricing you would be getting a top end Smartphone at midrange pricing. There is no question, Samsung‘s s10 phones are among the best on the market. This is why so many are very enthused about the s20’s that are coming.

Leaks tell us Everything

The leaks to date supposedly have told us everything we need to know about the phones about to be launched. However, until they’re launched there is still an uncertainty. What is known tells us though that we are getting one powerful series of phones.

To start with the phones are going to be equipped with the Snapdraggon 865 a chip that is at least 20% more powerful than the already powerful 855. The phones also will come with a 120 hertz refresh rate and this combined with the chipset will make for one buttery smooth operation of the phone. There is likely to be no jerkiness but almost this magical flow as you change screens.

Of course, this raises the question of how this chipset compares with the very powerful A13 on the iPhones. Supposedly, the 865 finally beats the a13 and this is quite the accomplishment. As such, with Android’s already excellent multi-tasking and they’re liberal use of memory, the Samsung and for that matter other Android’s will be able to give the iPhone a run for its money in the area of smooth operation. In fact, paired with Android’s excellent multi-tasking capabilities, the phone will undoubtedly be superior.

The Series and Form Factors

There are likely to be three phones in the s20 series. They are:

  • s20
  • s20 plus
  • s20 Ultra (5g)

None of these phones are expected to be inexpensive but we will be getting quite the bang for the buck. All the phones are expected to have less curvature in the displays one annoying feature of the s10. It’s hard to find easily a screen protector for the s10’s except for the s10e (flat screen) due to the curvature. This is significant as it differentiated the Samsung but the curvature or waterfall screen just was not that practical.

The phones are all to be AMOLED and finally the phone’s size is expected to be as follows:

  • s20 6.2”
  • s20 Plus 6.7”
  • s20 Ultra 6.9”

It doesn’t matter which phone we’re talking about they all are going to be quite the beasts in both performance and screen size.

Not Cheap but …

People of late have taken a strong interest in phones that would be considered mid-rangers as the flagships are getting ridiculously expensive. That said, it is all a matter of priority. If you have or feel like spending the money for an s20 phone, based on the leaks and all the data we have so far you likely will not be disappointed.

The s20 itself at 6.2” is already a fantastic size. This phone is expected to be in the $1000 range definitely less expensive than the others but still it is expensive. Considering the iPhone 11 is $699 the phone is expensive. however, and the launch will tell us this, with the work that has been put into the cameras and all the power expected with this phone it might be worth it. It is an AMOLED screen with one powerful CPU and it is expect to have 12 gigs of memory which will allow multi-tasking breeze type multi-tasking something IOS just can’t do.

The One Downside Remains Software

I expect the s20 to be an impressive phone. The one area though that is hurting Android is software. Yes, there is a lot more cross platform software allowing you to integrate your Android more easily into the Mac or Windows environment however, Apple’s ecosystem is where the real good software rests. As companies continue to make their software cross platform this wall will slowly come down.

For the most part, if your software is not cross platform there is likely an alternate solution that will meet the need. As an example, if you use DEVONthink as your Notetaker/Information/Knowledge Manager you can switch to other software that is cross platform such as Evernote, Onenote or Nimbus Note which is fully cross platform.

Companies that have no plans to go cross platform will only make life for themselves difficult especially if they operate in team environments. One company that exemplifies this is OmniFocus. They are Mac only and plan on staying that way but task management often needs to be team oriented.

If a team is put together to tackle a project and the team consists of ten people and say 7 have iPhone and 3 have Android’s and these people are critical players the software will have to be changed. Android and IOS in this instance must be seen merely as gateways to the real data. In this case, you might want to rollout to your team Todoist, Ticktick, Trello, 2do, Asana etc and on it goes as there is lots of task management software that is cross platform. The only people that are getting hurt in this scenario are the software companies like Omni.

Software Aside the s20 Appears to be one piece of Formidable Hardware

A lot of excitement is developing around this rollout from Samsung. They are a company that not only explores standard product but dip their toes into evolutionary solutions putting them on the cutting edge but not the bleeding edge. The days of Apple controlling everything should end and they are. As mentioned, it is not impossible to blend an Android into the Apple environment. Though Apple does their best to make this difficult, it is almost pathetic that an Android watch can be paired with an iPhone and an Android but that the iPhone watch can only be paired with an Apple phone.

The s20 continues to provide the market with healthy competition not chaos. It is important for more than one reason that a phone of this capability arrives on the scene. Should you still want a highly capable Android phone from Samsung at an excellent price, the Samsung s10 remains an excellent solution. The s20 is just moving us one step further towards a frictionless mobile experience that stands on its own or integrates well into systems that provide the necessary data in the development of a project.

The Snapdragon 865 is faster than the Apple A13 (sometimes) by Gary Explains

1 Pricing as currently known

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