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Samsung s20 Series has Landed with a Hefty Price Tag to go Along

by Kerry Dawson

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Yesterday, Samsung unveiled their S20 series of Smartphones. The word impressive would be a slight understatement. The phones have basically improved on almost every aspect of the system configuation. Everything from the CPUs to the dispaly has been enhanced, As an example, Samsung’s OLED display was already considered the best but they increased the refresh rate from 60 MHZ to 120 MHZ producing what some feel to be a smoother experience than that of the iPhone. Additionally, the PPI on all the models is improved making for an incredibly crisp image whether it’s text or a video.

The Best of Everything

The s20 series improves every aspect of the phone from the Samsung s10 lineup. The new 865 CPU is being used which generates an enhancement of 25% over the 855 which was already industry leading. The new 865 is almost as powerful as the A13 found in Apple’s current crop of iPhones.

The phones storage capacity, unlike that of Apple, can be modified down the road as it takes up to a 512 gig SD card. When you buy an iPhone you have to be careful you’ve bought sufficient storage as there is no way of changing this other than to change out the phone entirely. Thus, storage flexibility in the Samsung phones and the importance of having this capability cannot be understated.

Finally, where it comes to the cameras they are industry leading now with 108 x zoom capability in the Ultra. This is actually amazing when you consider the size of the smartphne

The displays size also cannot be beat at:

  • 6.2”
  • 6.7”
  • 6.9”

with a refresh rate of 120 MHZ making for a very smooth screen experience.

Although Samsung removed the port for wired earbuds, they released much improved wireless earbuds. The trend has been full wireless for a while now starting with the iPhone 7 so it was only a matter of time before Samsung removed this jack. Though some are still annoyed with the removal of the wired jack, the controversial aspect of this move is basically over with now.

A Very Hefty Price

Consumers are becoming far more price conscious where it comes to their devices of late. Prices have escalated substantially over the last five years and the effect showed in a slow down with respect to sales and the move to more middle ground priced phones such as the iPhone 11 instead of the Pro Max or the Google 3a instead of the Pixel 4.

Samsung’s phones are bar non excellent but we will have to see how consumers react to the pricing as they now exceed that of the iPhone Pro series of phones which were among the most expensive on the market.

The Samsung s10 Series is to be Continued

Samsung galaxy s10 hoyle 17

The Samsung s10 series is being continued with a substantive price reduction of $150 across the model line. For those that like the
Samsung phone but don’t want to pay an arm and leg, these phones offer a great option as they have leading edge specs also. Powered by the 855 chipset the chip while not be as fast as the 865 or providing certain features of the 865 remains an industry leading chipset.

The Samsung s10 series of phones are still considered leading edge phones. Though they don’t have the new flat panel display of the s20s some still liked the curved screen. The Samsung s10 panel though is state of the art and Samsung panels remain leading edge with these panels having excellent display quality. They are fast phones that run One UI 2 and Android 10. Though the phones are now one year old, they compete with the best.

Other Products Released

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Samsung had a good day. They also released some other products the Z Flip and their Plus earbuds however, this goes beyond this article. Suffice it to say Samsung has paved the path forward. If only Android and Google could produce apps as fine as those produced for the iPhone then they would really be flying.

With cross platform fully evolving though and top notch products are spanning both environments allowing Android to live within the Apple ecosystem, the phone could easily become and is becoming a part of three ecosystems:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Samsung

The integration into the Apple ecosystem is the most important due to the amount of work being done on Apple computers and iPads. Team computing definitely pushes this trend but so does the individual. Now it’s up to software vendors to get this.

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