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Techtools Pro 12 a Catalina Compatible Utility

by Kerry Dawson

Techtools Pro 12

Techtools Pro 12 maintains its advanced capability as it is fully Catalina compatible. Small changes to the operating system would negatively affect this kind of utility if it was not made fully compatible with the a new OS. Fortunately Techtools Pro 12 is fully Catalina compatible.

Not the only System Utility

Prosofteng makes a product called Drive Genius but it is not compatible with Catalina. Then there is the very famous Disk Warrior but it is not really compatible with Catalina. It is able to fix external drives but it cannot rebuild a Catalina drive.

Techtools pro is Catalina compatible. If the built in program Disk Utility is insufficient should you run into a repair problem, Techtools Pro 12 might be able to repair the problem saving a great deal of time and potentially your data.

In all scenarios your data should be backed up at least by Time Machine. This will ensure that should all fail in the event of a drive problem you’ll at least have your data. In the article “A Robust Backup Strategy” an approach backing up comprehensvely is provided.

Comprehensive Systems Testing

Testing the system

Techtools Pro 12 can do comprehensive systems testing to see if any components are weakening, weakened or failing. In this article “Techtools Pro v11 can handle Mojave’s AFPS File System” the only real significant difference between 11 and 12 is the ability to work on Catalina. The Mac OS’s of late are very finicky and a system change from say Mojave to Catalina can induce significant incompatibilites. Therefore, even though they are similar in operation, the indication that it is Catalina compatible is very important. That Techtools Pro 12 is Catalina compatible is what makes this tool stand out and provide its value.

By reading the article on Mojave and Techtools Pro you will have good understanding of the software. Knowing that it is compatible with Catalina is to know it will work. When you’re in that pinch it might just be the thing that saves your bacon.

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