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The Significance Snapdragon 865 Chip

by Kerry Dawson

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This site is not about reviewing specs and bits or bytes. However, the introduction of the Snapdragon 865 chipset which is primarily used in Android phones is significant. For that reason a quick review of what this chipset is bringing to the table has value.

Significant Performance Improvement

The 865 is touted to be 25% faster as long as more energy efficient than its predecessor. The chip has a focused emphasis on AI capabilities and the performance of the camera something all Smartphones are being extensively measured by these days.

Most flagship Android phones from the likes of Samsung and Google will feature the 865 chip. The chip is the first that runs as fast or almost as fast as that from Apple quite the accomplishment.

Gamers should be quite happy with phones configured with the 865 considering the boost to performance and the emphasis on AI. Those into photography will also be happy with the capabilities of a phone using the 865. However, in general the operation of any person‘s phone with this chip will see smoother and faster operation. Considering the advanced multi-tasking capability of Android, the payback will be substantial.

5g Not on the Chip

It should be noted that this chip does not include integrated 5g. This should prove no problem though as it is expected players will step up with compatible 5g capabilities.

Some wonder if there is a bit too fast a rush to 5g capable phones anyway and the hit the battery will take. 5g is only now being rolled out and for extensive coverage this is not expected until a couple of years from now.


1400 is too much Will the userbase push back on the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Although many feel the Smartphone market is stagnating as there is little else to add to already powerful devices, the 865 will improve the performance of your high end Android substantially. The jerks and stutters found on some Android phones are soon to be a thing of the past.

If you have as an example a Samsung s10 + the question is should you upgrade to the about to be released s20. It certainly is not necessary considering the capability of the Samsung s10 +. However, and we will soon see but the s20 is supposed to bring a fair bit to the table.

Do Not Upgrade for the Sake of Upgrading

We are all being too influenced by these constant increments to stats and the desire to upgrade when we have perfectly good Smartphones. If your device is doing the job for you that you are happy with don’t upgrade for the sake of upgrading and spending a $1000 plus dollars for a little more performance.

However, if you are finding your device is annoying you due to its performance and age or simply just performance level or you can’t do something that you know could be done by a new Smartphone upgrading makes sense. How much you spend is a matter of choice. Vendors have become sensitive to the resistance by consumers to pay insane prices for a Smartphone so the middle tier phones that are coming out perform about as well as the high end devices.

It is all to easy to think you need the latest and greatest especially if you watch Youtube as they tend to cover only the high end products and cover the devices down to the silliest level. Assess your needs relative to budget and what seems like a reasonable investment to return in making a decision but know there is no need for incessant upgrading as the devices of the last few years are all very capable.

Yes, the Snapdragon 865 makes for a very compelling CPU and if you were to switch to one you would definitely have a well oiled, well performing device provided it is designed appropriately. Regardless, the capability has reached such a point no matter when you get one except if it is more than three years out and definitely five years out you will have a great performing unit.

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